Need a Diamond C amazing defender under 20k mt


I need a defensive center to my starting 5 until I sell my Amy Porzingis and make more mt.
I’ve looking some Cs. Ewing, Chamberlain (Recently sold mine for 60k), and Bill Walton. Ewing tendencies are amazing. Walton is not that good in defensive tendencies, but has HoF Dimer and is cheeeap. Chamberlain comes from another world, simply.

I don’t need a 5 3p-shooter, just a gracile rock on D. Who can be the choosen one?

D Dikembe Mutumbo


His tendencies are rare… like 80 hard foul or something.

Wilt and its just not even close, the defense is pure. Can get like 3-4 blocks in a row, runs the floor like Gazelle and slams on everyone, so many fast break points with him.


The issue with Wilt is his price. I want a PD Olajuwon, 25-30k MT is too much. I’m expecting a price drop in Hakeem, hope I can get it with 50-60k mt.

Well you included him in your original post so? :snake:

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Yep. He is my option if Hakeem price not goes down.
Wilt is the best in my opinion, but I don’t like his moustache.

Just go to local barber and shave it, what’s the problem ?

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Wilt’s mustache gives him HOF mustache ride though :man:t2::red_car:


2k19 adition; MyTeam El Barrio, you can go to the barber shop with Kobe and put that afro.

You could also get PD Gobert

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Ehm barber shop service is 1k vc

First months, so you can spend ypur pre-order VC in your stylish hair.

On topic, how is PD Davis as Center?

He’s a beast. So dominant for me… Can also take centers off the dribble, which no other real C in the game can do

I think i love Sampson more than any real C in game. He is a monster with open 3 or lq boost.

What the fuck is the defense? :slight_smile:

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I have used gold Dwight in challenges for a long time now. He feels like the best rebounder/defender among this tier. Haven’t used his diamond and don’t know the price of it. But maybe he can perform well as a rebounder and defender too?

dikembe mutombo definitely a player who outplays his athletic attributes. defense and dunking is on point

I agree with the person who said Diamond Wilt. That Card is great. If with the Rick Barry Duo or without I find him amazing.I have a 3 point shoe on him and he can hit shots from deep easily. The duo makes him better though