Need a bench PG or something

Thinking about selling nash and/or Steph for diamond wall on the bench. Willing to sell/ grab anyone with probably 30k+ this lineup no one is untouchable except Amar’e and I score my most points with bron and Simmons.

Why amare untouchable?

Sell Nash, Curry and McHale. I loved McHale but replaced him with Josh Smith, he’s 10k cheaper. Try to get J Smith for 7k max and get a bench PG you like - Baron, Wall or Westbrook.

You should sell amare honsetly that card is worth 75-80K thats enough to get Malone and improve some part of your lineups or move AK47 to PF and save up to get kawhi or kobe

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He’s just my favorite player and I’ve personally invested shoes and badges into him as well. I like the idea of trying to get kawhi and maybe moving lebron to starting PG with simmons backup. I love ak but I feel like he wouldnt be as effective at the 4 as I tend to get a lot of rebounds with the bigger lineup.

I would sell Amare while he has value, because we’re bound to get a much better Amare soon. He had some great games as a Sun, so I’m sure we’ll see him in the next/ later drop of TB Playoff Moments.