NCAA Considering Compensation for Athletes


Doesn’t make sense to not have a salary while playing in the NCAA. They are pros, so they deserve that. Even the competition would be a lot more better, money under the table is the law for this kids.


I hope they either start paying these athletes or allow athletes to sign endorsements etc during school.

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I don’t know about salary but royalties on sold merch is an absolute must.

Don’t forget many of these players are getting full scholarship and school in the US can Indebt you for most of your young adult life. It’s completely fucked up.

does this mean EA is going to make NCAA Football again? sign me up

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College hoops2k20

i say endorsements are better , how do you determine how much to pay each player with out the players being envious of higher paid players or better players mad cause they getting paid the same as backups. Seems like that will break up teams

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college hoops would take me out of 2k