NBPA Awards


The main winners:

James Harden — The NBPA MVP Award
LeBron James — The NBPA People’s Champ Award ([best uses his platform to positively impact society])
Vince Carter — The NBPA Most Respected Award (influential veteran)
Russell Westbrook — The NBPA Best Side Hustle Award (best off-court endeavors, in fashion, tech, media, art, etc.)
Damian Lillard — The NBPA Mr. Clutch Award (most clutch)
PJ Tucker — The NBPA Sneaker Champ Award (best shoe game)
Donovan Mitchell — The NBPA Leader of the New School Award(best rookie)
Rudy Gobert — The NBPA Locksmith Award (best defender)
Russell Westbrook — The NBPA Freshest Award (best style/fashion on and off the court)
James Harden — The NBPA Toughest To Guard Award
Lou Williams — The NBPA X-Factor Award (best off the bench)

Lillard, most clutch?

Im glad Westbrook is only mentioned for off the court shit.


Am I the only one who thinks Westbrook’s fashion/style is whack

I wouldn’t say whack but it is indeed strange. I think LBJ has the best fits

I wish I could pull this off

Lebron def has better style… but he looks like he’s taking beard advice from a mormon

he’s got the fashion sense of a 5 year old trapped in Nicki Minaj’s closet

Except he def stole that denim jacket from Springsteen

His top in that 1st pic looks like someone took all my old pants and sewed them together

Yea looks like someone tried to make a dashiki out of used denim they found under a bridge

Edit: and he’s got frilly brown loafers on


What are the laudable off-the-court “side hustle” endeavors of Russell Westbrook? Nobody can actually compare to LeBron in this regard, but if someone did, I don’t understand why it’d be Westbrook.