NBA's worst nightmare

Finals between the Nuggets and the Bucks

just imagine…

It’s not that bad tho ,better than Harden standing at the ft line for 20+ times


I’ll take it were due for a wild card winning team happens every so often

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Oh don’t get me wrong… as a Nuggets and Giannis fan i’d love it!

But both are small market franchises, and we all know what happend when a small market franchise was about to make it to the finals (the 2002 Kings prim aut.) :grin:

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Least its two american teams. imagine if it was the raps and nuggets lol

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Adam Silver be like


Imagine spending 12 million MT for GO Giannis, and then 2k release him to the AH for his Finals MVP achivement

Worst would be Rockets vs Bucks.

5 Out Vs 5 Out lol

Prob Warriors vs Bucks lol

Would be like historic Greek Wars.
Each sides choose their best warrior against the other to spare rest of the men in the armies lol.
Harden vs Giannis 1on1 while others chill.

I like both of those teams I’d watch

He would still go for 12 million on the AH

You will have to avoid him for 12 straight games in order to get the POTM

He will be unstoppable in the wrong hands


I just need someone to beat the Warriors and I’ll be happy. Get’s boring watching the same team every single year.

No one beats the Warriors as long as KD still there

Idk, I agree with you bar an injury. That being said they look more beatable this year then they ever have before.

that’s exactly what been said last year at this point