💰 NBA2k22 PS5 MT For Sale 1.2 Million 6.5/100k

Selling NBA2k22 PS5 MT $8/100k. My entire team is up for auction currently but I’ll be active in a couple hours when they finish selling!

It will be my first time selling but increments are accepted. I’ve only bought from this site and I intend to return to myteam later next year. I have vouches from buying from different users and I can provide that proof.


List of users I’ve bought from:

Do you still have?

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Yes, how much do you need? My auctions don’t end until another hour and a half.

Update: I have 1.7 Mil available and price is negotiable. Lowest I’ll go is $7 per 100k

I still have 1.7 Million available PS5 MT $7/100k! Price negotiable.


1.2mil available

Vouch for this guy. quick and easy​:+1::+1:

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Big vouch! Clutch

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Sold out for now! Thanks!