NBA2K20 Position Restricions? allow me to laugh

The NBA2K20 position restrictions will be a joke

In day 1, I will already have +6’8 squad and it will only get worse.

in fact, the cheese will be even more effective since more people will play with midgets.

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New ad card is C, heatcheck has pf/c option tho

Whatever will make you happy

Hope you have fun

Kd is SF/PF

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I don’t think tracy at 1 or Kevin at 2 will be an option at all

Even rumors about ben being a pf only to start

Even if hes at Pg, he cant shoot. Im not worried about him until 2020

They will block one hole we will dig a new one, never underestimate the creativity of a cheeser

This lineup looks pretty normal beside KD at SG which I doubt he has secondary SG (SF/PF) & Tmac at PG which I doubt he has secondary (SG/SF)

Yes KD with that SG secondary. Makes sense.

Amy Kd wouldn’t be able to speed boost

Why is ruining a game so fun for you? I mean, there’s obviously something psychological going on. I’m curious.

Still better than running Yao as PG as one desperate kid tried against me.

Still beat his ass.

@Muglegacy2 in shambles

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This is a fact…path of least resistance is human nature. But at least there seems to be some semblance of guidelines to start this year so the cheese should be toned down for a while. That’s a win in my book.

Enjoy that 40 3pt Simmons with trash dribble moves

I’m not ruining anything, I’m just a player.

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