Anyone else aware of this?


Damn this site is clean. Nice find.

Curious to see how quick they add the new cards tomorrow in comparison to MTCentral or MTDB.

Looks like my new go to.

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Pretty nice site it really shows off the best cards in the game…

I just wish one of these sites had a player comparison that wasn’t broken. Looks good though, a lot of things you won’t see on the other 2

2KMTC is still “better” in that they show Ratings changes with evolutions on EVO’s.

But it’s interesting how this has just flown under the radar.

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Ine cool thing is that when u go to collections it shows how to get the rewards at the bottom. Like the Sapphire Drob one from the KG set.

I use this website for locker codes, didn’t know that they had a full card section though


Hmm, didn’t know they expanded to myteam.
I used their myplayer builder for 2k18 and 2k19.

Literally same, I wonder if its a new addition.

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Same. Always used it for locker codes only

Heh I find myself checking different sites depending on what I’m looking for. 2kmtc is still my go to but one thing I really like about mtdb is it doesn’t just show the badges the player has but also which ones they are missing.

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