NBA2K CEO: 2K20 Won't Set Records, In-Game Spending Was Lower Than Expected

NBA2K CEO: 2K20 Won't Set Records, In-Game Spending Was Lower Than Expected

We saw last quarter 2K was glowing about NBA2K20, but that was through September, before the issues were apparent. And sure enough,

From the mouth of CEO Strauss Zelnick on Friday:

Unit sales of NBA 2K20, the latest installment in our industry leading basketball series, had outperformed our expectations and the title has sold in over 8 million units to-date, up slightly over NBA 2K19 in the same period. In November, the title was released for Google Stadia. In addition, engagement with NBA 2K20 is reaching all-time highs with average daily active users growing and MyTeam users up more than 35%. In addition, NBA 2K20 has generated more than 276 million views on YouTube and over 8 million hours of content watched on Twitch across hundreds of channels.

So they sold a few more 2K20’s than 19s, though I think China may have helped in that this year. The YouTube and Twitch #s are just filler. “Social proof” as they say just to deflect from issues.

And those issues…

Strauss Zelnick:

While this increased engagement led to strong growth in the current consumer spending in certain modes of NBA 2K20, we have not experienced the same positive benefits across the entire game due to some specific design changes which we plan to address in future versions of NBA 2K. Because of this, we no longer expect lifetime net bookings for NBA 2K20 to be a record for the series. However, we continue to expect recurrent consumer spending for the NBA 2K20 franchise, to grow in the strong double-digits for fiscal 2020. Taking creative risk is part of Take-Two’s DNA as we constantly strive to improve the game-play experience for our audiences. More often than not, this results in enhancing our growth which is reflected in the substantial long-term outperformance of NBA 2K.

BAM! “We have not experienced the same positive benefits across the entire game due to some specific design changes”…Uh oh, they F’d up something.

Strauss then goes on to explain the dip:

So the high class problem is that we have said in our revised outlook that we thought NBA 2K20 would set another record for net bookings. And then now we are realizing that to say we don’t expect to set another record despite its very strong unit sales in the grade engagement and that’s because one of the parts of the online version has recurrent consumer spending coming in somewhat lower than we had expected. And that’s related to a design feature and one that we can address going forward, but it’s not only a hiccup, because our goal is first and foremost to captivate and engage consumers and our engagement is up and our unit sales are up.

And that means now and then we may fall short of setting a record, but failing to set a record isn’t exactly a problem when you have a title that is massively successful as NBA 2K20 is. It’s an incredibly profitable title for the firm. Owing incidentally, recurrent consumer spending for the franchise will actually be up in the fiscal year in solid double-digits. So the engagement is strong, the spending is strong and at the same time, there were some design changes that didn’t optimize specific recurrent consumer spending in certain modes and we are confident we will be able to address those.

So their #s are in fact down. People are not spending as much as before. And they know it, the stock market knows it too:

They didn’t say what exactly it was specifically that caused a drop in $$$, they said they know what it is and how to fix it.

Park, MTU, PNO? They changed something from last year to this year and that has dropped $$$. And it’s getting changed back.

Lol…they F’d themselves.


Deranged fucks.


I bet giving out good players through offline grinding (Giannis, Blake, Roy, etc) is what they’ll blame lol.

Next year - no cool players from offline grinding.

Or they’ll just patch the Nets playbook lol


This guy ruined the soul of the GTA/RedDead franchise because he felt it was under-monetized. 7 years of no new GTA content, but hey, they added a literal casino. Red Dead was doomed because parts of single player were unfinished but they rushed a lifeless, dead Red Dead online were the only content were absurdly priced micros.


You would hope people realized that they got no value from their spending real money in 2k. At least I hope people got that.

Token rewards are bad, and Collector level rewards are even worse. Less people holding onto cards and locking for tokens could be part of the recurrent sales problem.

There’s a real lack of incentive to grind for what should be some of the best cards in game



my takeaway is that they should add veronica back into the game. it’s good for them, it’s good for us


You know how crazy it is to sell more VC when it’s free than in a game where it isn’t?

Lolol… 2K in shambles!


Revert MyGM 2.0 to MyGM 1.0 is best for business

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When all it takes to be successful is dribbling and timing jumpers what’s the point of paying for new cards. There is no balance in this year’s game

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The game is shit and it’s recognized across the community, lower views and less content creators playing, lmao Chris Smoove the 2k goat is more of a madden YouTuber this year and hasn’t touched myteam… This is how you get results, their pockets are hurting so now they have to try

They haven’t managed the power curve well either this year. The last few releases have had seriously watered down badging compared to earlier releases.

^ remember when, I believe in 2k16 when the best lebron had like an 88 3 ball and it was the Miami one where he shot 40 percent from, that’s balance, now everyone can fucking shoot


They don’t understand that ppl would drop money on packs to pull someone like curry if he was one of the few guys who could pull from deep but now everyone who is a decent shooter can like In the end they’re messing it up for everyone

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Debatable. They dropped Shaq two days ago and people were bitching about how he couldn’t shoot. Yeah it might help Currys sales but at the same time it would hurt almost everyone else’s

Here’s my guess on what they need to fix:

No more 1000 wins in TT offline for tokens,MT,free packs, players

Nothing Free

Get rid of legacy packs and come up with something else completely

More moments releases to keep money flowing in

Keep screwing the fanbase over and not giving a FUCK about them because ya know they keep us in Fucking business right?

Get a couple new guys who dont do their fucking jobs the way they should be

THERE PROBLEMS FUCKING FIXED ! Happy NOW CONSUMERS?!? theres the fucking sure fire way to get less players :rofl:

Typical corporate bullshit.


If they can see the problem they would fix the next year… this year is impossible at this point.

The problem it’s that MyTeam mode is esential the same thing until 2k16 (2k15 first my team no audition house and poor mode) but in 2k16 the mode was improvement and they was add upgrade or changes over this base year after year. In 2k20 they retire the badge adding and introduce the evo player, thats evo players a good idea but very bad executes. It’s absurd the effort to obtein a evo player compare with his upgrade in the context of weekly packs the best player today were outdate in 3 weeks, and complete unussefull in 2 months.
The game aparentlly like pay-per-win, but his stupid broken match up system
not only does he is failing, but it creates frustration for those who pay hundreds of dollars for VC to lose a match against a dummie with reward players LoL
In addition any player in this game knows than 20 bucks on july provide a thirty times better players than $200 in Xmas. Remember that game mode has 11 months of life and after that you need restart of zero in the new game. That’s no
funny for anyone…
This year the speculation with mt by asian mafia, do they coins more devaluate ever. And much players buy mt on websites and not VC directly from them. Thats hurts too.

Mr Zelnick, it is easy fix this broken mode, and continues win $$$$ with him,
I have several ideas myself that would surely work well, but it’s your will to fix it or sink with the damn game.

Do you like 2K Offline? Same thing applies to GTA.