NBA trade value

Simmons posted a trade value column for the first time in years:

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Very interesting, but I am not sure I understand all of it…I have a good understanding of NBA contracts and how they work.

But how can someone be completely untouchable when their contract is up this year and they are about to be a free agent and it might not be the teams choice?

Who are you talking about?

AD, coming up after a year. If he gives an inkling he isnt resigning then they will ship him off for as much as they can get…thats not untouchable

It’s like you said, though. “If” he gives them the inkling he isn’t re-signing. As of right now, he hasn’t. So as of right now, that would make him untouchable. He’s under contract until next year so they have time to figure it out.

Very true…I take the point

Bill Simmons is an uncircumcised shaft with two blue Swarovski gems glued on its head.

The dude has Jayson Tatum as an “Untouchable: Group B” guy… just another dumb Boston homer (not saying that all Boston fans are dumb, @element @508G37)

I mean if the Celtics legit don’t want to include Tatum in a potential AD deal, wouldn’t that be the definition of untouchable?

The rankings include NBA front office “feelings” on players.

I was under the impression that Tatum would be dealt in the event that the Celtics get into a bidding war with the Lakers this offseason.

I think that’s the big unknown right now. It does sound like Tatum is gonna have to be involved. We’ll see if the celts pull the trigger. I believe they will cave if they have to.

But AD is the only dude the celts would put Tatum in a trade for. And AD is in a higher trade class tier. I’m a NY sports fan, but I enjoy simmions. I think the Tatum love is warranted, dude is a monster, even with some sophomore slump struggles.

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…then don’t, especially as a Celtics homer, put Tatum as an “untouchable”, knowing that if it comes to it, he will be sent to NOLA for AD. That isn’t what an untouchable is lol.

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Fair enough. I think Simmons is loose with the semantics, as shown by this tier system.

I think he knew that since Tier A is the “Truly Untouchable:” tier.

I mean, look at who he has in tier A. I love Tatum but I wouldn’t put him in there yet

The second best tier is always the best players in the league still on their rookie deals

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Tatums only in the deal if its a deal breaker. I dont expect LA to offer Ball or Kuzma either.

1 young guy, shit ton of picks and filler. Could be intruguing guys like semi ojeleye and smart. Id love to offer a package of Rozier Horford Brown for him but we cant do that deal this yr and those contracts gonna expire.