NBA TopShot

Haven’t seen anything on this yet here, unless I’ve missed it. Anyone jump in on this yet? I put in $90 bucks two days ago and made about $400 so far in a whole day.

It helps satisfy my MyTeam card opening since I don’t have a ps5 at the moment :pensive:

Saw something about it on Twitter but have no idea what it actually is… Can someone explain? Haha

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Just looked it up. Had no idea this existed.

Seems crazy, but it’s also crazy that pieces of cardboard trading cards are worth tons, so…:man_shrugging:.

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Tried getting my first pack tonight with no luck, hopefully i get better luck on the next drop


what’s the best pack to open?

Everyone saying they are making heaps on this…has anyone actually tried to withdraw? Imagine if it was an elaborate scam


Whatever pack you can get

If we could get this added to OP, I would help. Great resources and information in there to get started. This is basically like a stock market for NBA players and their highlights.

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It’s rough out here. Only 5000 packs per drop is a pain right now. I ended up buying a Jaylen Brown moment (Celtics player so of course) and Deaaron Fox moment and they both doubled in value on here.

That they put a dollar value on your collection because of rarity or limited sets seems suspect to me. If interest in this site falls off, all of a sudden people aren’t buying packs, guarantee everyone’s balance will plummet quick.

Digital collections will never have the same interest as physical. This is the reason we start a new 2K iteration every year, we don’t care about what we just built. Yet people hold onto and still buy paper cards from years ago

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Was definitely interested in this but still trying to see how it goes

how much is a pack, how much is the average “moment”

The ones out now are $9, but it’s only limited to a couple thousand packs so they go fast. Lowest moment right now is $25.

Is there a release date calendar or is it just a random drop

like to buy?

I think I mentioned it a couple weeks ago in one of the stock/crypto threads.

Learn how NFTs work. Super neat stuff. Tokenized art basically. These are highlights. Like moments packs. Ive seen some sell for a fortune.

Lots of money to be made in this, but DYOR PLEASE and know the risks.

Its a bubble. Something better will come along.

This sold for $1.6m last week. Cryptopunks. I dont get it. At least Topshot is a video. And many NFTs have audio/music locked too.

But yeah. 1.6m for this. WAT

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Just as an FYI, this is not something where you can go right in and rip packs right away. At the moment, the packs are random releases. The last release, there were 5,000 packs and I was 49,000 in the pack queue. It also doesn’t matter how early or late you get in their “waiting line”, you are assigned a random number. I think they’ve had a 50,000 pack drop before, I just recently got into researching and watching the market though so I can’t speak on that.

Also, it’s a good idea to add money to your account balance before pack drops just in case you get lucky enough to grab one. I know Shake was having issues doing this yesterday, I added my balance in off hours.

I haven’t bought a moment yet because my balance is only $25, but I’m planning to add more if/when the stimulus and tax refund arrives. By that time I should have a pretty good grasp on the market.


One thing I forgot to add is that if you do get on the discord, there are people who try to hype the cards they are selling (x player is headed to the moon, etc.), just make sure that you do your own research. It’s like anything else, the more time you put into it, the more money you will make.


Thats a good rule to stand by when dealing with any sort of market. Crypto and NFT markets especially.