NBA title lines who you like

The Dubs…

Golden State. Free money.

I like Houston at 18 to 1, almost beat warriors last year, if they get by warriors who knows

What does 1/2 even mean. Bet 10 win 5 pretty weak, injuries or anything could happen almost didn’t win last year. Boogie could be a wild card good or bad

Bet has to fail >33% of the time for it to be a bad bet. It won’t.

Denver getting no love at 25 to 1

Lakers 80/1
Spurs 150/1
Pacers 225/1


Anyhow, I think that Warriors are way more vunarable this year than the last two years. Mainly because of their bench being weak.
If one of Curry/KD struggles, they’re in trouble.

Bucks and Toronto could give them a run for their money.
Especially Toronto if Kawhi gets on 2017 playoff level.

Actually they’re built to win with one of them struggling lol

Houston beat dubs few games back in gst without harden, think that series will be close again

They are the clear favourite for a reason but that line is pretty garbage. Think this would be a good year to pick the field vs dubs as all good runs will come to an end eventually, look at 04 lakers no one thought they would lose

There are only 4 teams with a legit chance

Rockets (if healthy)

Maybe MAYBE okc but i highly doubt it

I got the Hawks. VC needs to get one before retirement.


@YOSEMITE_HAM bout to be salty


Warrior will make/win the final. It reality only delousional people try not face reality say other team have a chance…

I like the Raptors

Why? Nuggets aren’t winning the title this year. I bet those odds go way up over the next 3 years though

Way to have confidence in your team lol

I’m a realist that knows the Warriors aren’t losing to anyone without at least one significant injury

Still Warriors hopefully their last run and everyone call it quits.