Lakers @ Clippers
Pelicans @ Raptors

How we feeling? Might record that LA game and watch when I get home. Gonna be a fun season.


I havent been this excited since the player reached a CBA in the lockout season.


I have been a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers for 2 entire months for this moment


Most people will be disappointed by tonight’s games, tbh.
Raptors are still a great team and NOLA has a completely new roster. I expect a blowout.

Both LA teams will take some time to get used to each other, but Clippers should be more ready from the start and Lakers fans shouldn’t panic if they lose some games early on.

Can’t lie, the thing I’m looking forward the most is NBA on TNT. I’ve missed them so much.
Tomorrow’s the real deal, 11 games.


I think Celtics at Philly is gonna be great TV. Will be a little butt hurt seeing Horford in a 76ers uniform but these teams are going to have some great games this year. I think Philly has a better team but it will come down to coaching and roster cohesion for Boston if they’re going to be a legit contender in the EC

All the young potential aside, unless one of your young bigs makes a huge leap and becomes a good defender right away, you’ll have huge issues.
You literally have 0 paint defense and rim protection if we’re just talking about older players. (I haven’t seen enough of the young guys.)

Considering the moves Philly made, everything other than a finals appearance will be seen as a failure.

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Tonight is the real deal.

Defending Champs how do they respond without Kawhi. How does new deal Siakam play? New look Pels. Return of Lonzo and BI and the rest of their young dudes.

Lakers vs Clippers.

LeBron James is back after a loooooong rest. Nuff said.


My predictions:
Clippers 117 Lakers 113 Leading scorers: Kawhi 28 /Lebron 34

Raptors 107 Pelicans 97 Leading scorers : Siakam 23/Holiday 22

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Anthony Davis: 45, 15 and 6

LeGOAT: 28, 14 and 10

I think Robert Williams is going to surprise people. He’s an athletic shot blocker with a lot of upside. Theis is an above average paint protector and rebounder. The French guy they signed Poirier is reportedly turning some heads.

Obviously this is far from an elite front court but I don’t think they’re the worst in the league by any means. Power forward is a question mark and I hope Grant Williams can contribute there as a rookie since there’s a huge hole

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You’re right.

Robert Williams is a young god and I’m still surprised Boston had a chance to even draft him.

Didn’t Williams have discipline problems last year?
Theis is decent enough for a 10-15min rotation guy.

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Yeah, I’m going to be a Clippers homer this year. Klay apparently is out all year now too. GO CLIPS!

Idk how can anyone support the Clippers, unless it’s because they hate the Lakers. :sunglasses:

Didn’t wanna make a new topic, but Kerr is saying that Klay will probably miss the season.
That means Warriors have no realistic chance of making it past the first round. Maybe second, but after 5 finals, who even cares.
Curry is 31 and injury prone. 5 finals in a row. And he said he’ll go to the Olympics next summer.
They really should think about giving him the load management treatment.
No point in risking anything because they have no chance to win it all this year.

Steph surely has the ability to have a Harden-like season, but his endurance is nowhere near that level.
If they didn’t move to the new arena, I’m pretty sure they’d tank the season.
But you gotta sell those tickets.

He’s young and had behavioral concerns coming out of Texas A&M but I think he’s improved in that regard. He’s only 22. Not saying he’s going to suddenly become DeAndre Jordan but he certainly has a lot of potential and who knows, now that he has a chance to really be ‘the man’ at the 5 for Boston maybe he’ll breakout. I think I would rely on Theis for a quality 25 minutes and put up 8/8 and a block.

I dont got cable, so someone hmu with a stream for the LA game

Boston needs to start dat man Tacko :eyes:

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LOL. Part of me wants to see that happen so bad but the reality is he’s incredibly raw and not really ready to contribute at the NBA level in a significant way.

Not a new story.

People are bigger Laker haters than they are fans of their own team.

Kinda sad really