NBA Talk Category: About and Rules

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We’re going to be more tightly moderating the NBA Talk Category from here on out. We want to keep this Category as a place to have discussions about the “IRL” NBA. But we want to put an end to a lot of the rambling arguments that have often typified what goes on in this Category.

We’re going to be loosely adopting the Guidelines that are used for /r/nbadiscussion on Reddit:

  • Keep it civil. Attack the argument, not the person. Do not insult other users. Do not name call, condescend, or belittle others. Speak with others how you would like to be spoken with. Politely disagree when appropriate. Don’t make insulting characterizations about entire fanbases, or use ad hominem “arguments” like “you’re an [X] stan/hater/fanboy.” Don’t characterize people’s opinions as “stupid”; cordially present your case as to why you disagree with them.
  • This is for discussion not arguing. Support claims with substantiated arguments. Proofs from trusted NBA reporters, databases, and your own statistical analyses should be provided when it strengthens your point. Unless it is undeniable fact, the burden of proof falls upon the person making the claim. Don’t exaggerate/distort facts just to press your argument. Accept and acknowledge when people disagreeing with you make good points; don’t disregard them and dig in your heels or move the goalposts for the sake of “winning” the argument. This is not the place to “stan” for, or “hate” on players or teams.
  • Submit high quality content. This Category is for high quality discussion of the NBA, past, present, and near future. Low effort content, including jokes, memes, fanbase attacks, or shitposts will be removed as the moderators see fit. When you start Topics, make effort to title them clearly, concisely, and descriptively.

Some Notes on Moderation:

  • Violating guidelines regarding civil behavior are pretty black-and-white. Don’t insult other people, even if provoked. Someone else acting in a way you feel is troll-ish, or even attacking you personally, does not give you the right to respond uncivilly.
  • If someone is acting in a way that violates guidelines, then the way to handle this is to flag their post so that it’s raised to mods’ attention. Then please be patient while mods deal with it. In the meantime, resist the urge to lash back in a way that violates guidelines.
  • “Fights” on a discussion forum are not street fights to the death. If someone attacks you, you don’t “need” to “defend yourself” by attacking back with as much “force” with which you were attacked. You can “defend yourself,” or your point, by being civil. Or ignore the attack or flag it for mods to deal with.
  • Much of the above that is prohibited requires mods to make judgment calls. Mods will exercise their judgment as to what constitutes “trolling,” or excessively argumentative/unreasonable behavior, or what is “low quality.”

If someone’s contribution to discussion here is mostly about declaring their own thoughts and arguments, and attacking any opposing viewpoints without reasonably substantiating their arguments, then they’re not going to be welcome to continue to be part of this community.

This Category is for discussion. Not arguments for their own sake or for exchanging heated volleys of hot takes. It’s a place to geek out over NBA talk in a friendly, fun, and positive way.

Category Guidelines have been revised and expanded.

Please read this over if you participate in the NBA Talk Category.