NBA Talk: April (Playoffs!)

No disrespect to Memphis, but they would just be in the way of the undeniable inevitable if they somehow had won this series. I thought they were outmatched even with Morant in this series, just glad they got put out of their misery.

Ayton is undoubtedly the X-Faxctor in the WCF. If phoenix can use their size advantage, they SHOULD dominate the paint & rebounds. Warriors run a much cleaner offense than the Mavs and i can see phoenix having problems defending them.

I have 0 faith in Dallas rising up to the occasion Sunday, i think Booker & CP3 rip their souls out & Luka willl force a lot of bad shots out of desperation.

Good job man. You won the game for us tonight.

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Safe to say were getting a Opal or Dark Matter Grant Williams for Agenda Players

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Or is it gonna be a Payton Pritchard?

Surely it’ll be DM. 2k aside man is playing out of his mind right now. Celtics look dangerous in every position.

who else do yall think will get upgrades ?

I just tuned into Game 7 of Mavs vs. Suns and…



Couple of takes from a pirate broadcast (Mavs - Suns).

There’s a reason the game started that late (3 AM MSK). Because it’s porn.

Chris Paul is blowing another 2-0 lead. Those years he spent with the Clippers, him and Doc - they were made for each other.

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damn… imagine in an NBA game your leading scorer has 12 points, in game 7 of the playoffs no less



I just don’t understand how the Suns fold like this, in a Game 7.

Gif of alpine meadow entrance of Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, Grant Williams face superimposed

Mavs surpassed expectations this year for sure, regardless of how the Warriors series ends.

I still think they need an inside presence to help them rebound & defend the rim better. Gotta feeling the warriors perimeter athleticism is really gonna give the Mavs fits trying to run their 5 out. If Ja & Steven Adams are healthy the whole series, they just mightve won that series

Karma is a b****, Phoenix in 4 they said :wink:

Luka showed those arrogant pricks (Booker) who’s the boss.

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2022 Primary Campaign Season has begun and Pat Bev is on an ESPN marathon appearance schedule, making sure to propagandize hate against CP3.


Matt Barnes called Bev the fuck out on NBA Today… shit was hilarious.

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Saw that too.

I’m an appreciator of Pat Bev. It’s not true that he’s gotta be on your team to appreciate him, and if he’s not, you hate him. Not for me.

I think Barnes is right that Bev was “disrespectful” but whether or not Bev is in the same tier as CP3 as a player is irrelevant. If he’s right, he’s right despite being a role player critiquing a HoF’er. If he’s wrong, it’s not because he’s a role player.

Bev talks trash for real. What he said about CP3, and how he said it, was disrespectful. But he just said on national television what he would say straight to CP3’s face. And if asked about it afterward, he would stick by what he said. I appreciate that he DGAF and says what he thinks. And doesn’t mind putting a target on his back.

Instead of doing all the passive aggressive stuff that most of the rest of the NBA does.


I think the bigger point is all the shit talk for a role player. Like sit down bro. You don’t sniff the tiers the guys you talk shit about are in so wtf

I think that’s how many people are reacting, and a lot aren’t.

I don’t think the right to criticize is contingent upon playing in the NBA at an elite level.

But I can see why some people think that Bev was just too strong in his critique. Too personal. With a nasty edge. I get that.

But that’s not more or less the case if it’s Pat Bev the role player or some NBA HoF legend.

And while I get finding the ruthlessness of Bev’s takes being distasteful, I personally feel no reason to spare CP3’s feelings.


Chris Paul fell apart the last couple games of an ultimately embarrassing series. Series slash line of 13/4/6.

Patrick Beverley was part of an embarrassing low-bbiq series collapse by the T-Wolves. His series slash line: 11/3/5.

It’s easy to hit a guy when he’s down. Anyone who dislikes Beverley(myself included, admittedly) can take solace that at critical moments of big games, Beverley will tell himself and his teammates, “I got this”.

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Well it’s a job in the end not a macho man sport. So someone half good at their job gets to critique someone great at their job?? Yea No I’m good