~NBA Standings through week 4~ 👀

Any surprises? Who will rise? Who will fall?

Celtics Lakers finals


I see mavs rising in the west to maybe 4th spot and Phoenix dropping to 7 or 8th seed. In the east I don’t think Miami will hold #2 they may end up a 5th seed. I can see Celtics, bucks, raptors, and 76ers maintaining top 4 spots in east.

I don’t think Celtics will make it that far. Bucks and Sixers haven’t played to their potential yet, and Celtics have no one that can guard Embiid and Giannis.

Heat will drop to 5th most likely. I honestly think the Clippers would be okay with 5th seed as well. Lakers and Rockets will be top 2.

Hornets better than Nets? :thinking:

We already beat Giannis this yr and in a playoff series and I think losing Brogdon and Mirotic hurt them. Philly dont scare me, they dont have a closer or many shooters. I rather have them try to play through Embiid.


Losing Mirotic helped them lol. Dude was a dud

Disappeared in the playoffs. Terrible on defense. Raptors literally played that guy out of the league. There is a reason 30 teams passed on him

Brogdan was tough to lose tho

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This league is just Celtics vs Lakers.

Other teams just get to fool around for 5 years or so In between our dynasties lmaoo.


Mavs have no chances of rising to anywhere close to 4th spot.
Outside of Luka and KP who still has a long way to 100%, the rest of the roster isn’t wortrhy of a playoff team.
Brunson, Powell and Kleber are good role players, I guess DFS and Seth are decent, but rest of it is pretty meh.
And they shouldn’t rush anything because their two star players are really young and if KP gets injured again, his career is over.

Phoenix is last year’s Kings, imo.

Spurs are having a terrible start, but lineups and rotations are terrible. Started last year 11-14 and everyone had written them off. Still, not good enough for anything other than playoff battle.

In the East, Heat are playing great and are probably the most well-rounded team after the Bucks and Raptors.
Celtics have no interior defense and Sixers have no shooters or good enough perimeter creators.
Both have better rosters than the Heat if we talk individual player ability, but I expect Riley to make some moves.
And Heat has a max slot available next summer if I’m not mistaken, so I expect them to be a top contender in the East next season.
Pacers will also be up there if Oladipo recovers.

Hornets having 3x the wins of the Warriors is surprising.

As a Warriors fan, I’m supremely happy.

We’re #1, We’re #1!!!

In the NBA Draft Lottery. :joy:

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Never been a worse time to tank though with the bottom 4 having the same odds.

Unfortunately the highest the see my Mavs going is 6th lol. We need a third guy to score because the bench is too inconsistent one game they can drop 50, next game its 20. DFS need to be better at his 3 ball if he really wants that’s 3 & D role man

It’s not like they blew it up, they just can’t compete with all the injuries.
Even a top5 pick for them is amazing, considering everyone’s coming back next year.

Might be a Spurs type situation where your main guy gets injured and your team is artificially low In rankings.

Then you sign a big piece with your super high pick, everyone comes back and it’s a GG.

Warriors aren’t dead yet by any means.

Except that it’s even worse (or better if you’re a Warriors fan) because those players are younger and they already won.


Paschall and some free agents or young players who develop on the bench.

That’s without the DLo trade and a certain top5 pick. If they don’t like the pick, they can surely get a great role player for it. Or even a couple of good ones.
4 good role players with those two trades and they’re back to being a top contender.

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Just an FYI. According to Strength of the Schedule standings, the Celtics so far have had the easiest schedule. They’re not a top2 East team, but they will be top4 (probably #4).

P.S. For anyone wondering, the Milwaukee Bucks have had the most difficult schedule, which makes their 9-3 record even more impressive.

True but I’m just saying the old system was more tank friendly.

If you aren’t number 1 than that means you missed Wiseman who will help any team day 1.

After him you have Edwards, Cole Anthony, LaMelo guys who will blossom down the line. Wiseman is a ready made star.


Isn’t he like 6 8 or something

As a pg/sg

True, but I think that the new system is way better.
I’ll never support tanking. Warriors aren’t really tanking because their two best players have serious injuries. They’re just bad.
Process was tanking at it’s worst.

Imo, teams shouldn’t be allowed to have top5 picks for more than two years in a row.
A competent front office will create a dynasty with relatively high picks (Warrios), while a terrible one will fail no matter how many good picks they get (Knicks).

Lost in all the LA hype, Giannis has been shooting 32% 3pt on 4 attempts per game.
Higher % than for example Kawhi.

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