NBA Rookies

So of the rookies on the following list, who is your favorite.

Kenyon Martin, Jr - Houston SF 22ppg 9 rpg 3.8apg

Anthony Edwards - Minn SF 21ppg 6rpg 3.3apg

Armoni Brooks - Houston PG - 19ppg 3.5rpg 2.8apg

Saddiq Bey - Detroit PG 18.3ppg 6rpg

LaMelo Ball - Charlotte PG 16ppg 6.7rpg 2.3spg

I like Ball and Edwards a lot.

I’m a huge fan of ball movement and great passing so I’m really loving watching Lamelo.

Of all those teams, only the Hornets are playoffs-eligible at the moment. Lamelo deserves it.

Ant and Haliburton are studs

Thought you were going to say Jokic :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :rofl:


Jokic is a lot of things but the best rookie he is not :joy:

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I like LaMelo better than I do Lonzo.

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Lamelo is going to be a perrenial all-star, Lonzo might crack an all-star squad during a career year at some point.

Ben Simmons could low-key win ROY imo


Nobody talking about KJ Martin. He’s gonna be something special

Houston low key has some good young talent

Kenyon Martin Jr
Kevin Porter Jr
Armoni Brooks
Christian Wood
Jae’Sean Tate

If they somehow get Cade they’ll be a fun team to watch.

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Imagine if they didn’t totally fuck up the Harden trade.

LaMelo. He’s on a different level than the other rookies. Mentally, I mean.

for me the only real fuck up of that trade was swapping LeVert for Dipo, which was a major mistake. Harden wanted out so bad, i’m cool with 8 first round picks & some swaps.

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Lamelo for sure

What are the date ranges for these stats? It’s not fair to use year long stats for some and the last month stats for others. Btw, you forgot 6 assists that Lamelo is averaging over the course of the season. Kenyon Jr’s year long averages are what, 9 points and 6 boards? Lamelo’s are 16-6-6. Let’s compare comparable things here.


Haliburton was far and away my favorite prospect going into this draft and was bummed the Pels didn’t get him. I do think Kira Lewis will be good though

Lamelo is way better than I thought he’d be. Fantastic player. Highest chance of being a perennial all-nba guy from this class.

Underrated: Patrick Williams

as a kentucky fan i love watching quickley play… he gets to learn from a former mvp and is playing for a great coach… soooo much potential and he’s already fun to watch

Flynn won’t get any mention cuz he didn’t really get meaningful minutes until the second half of the season. But kid is a dog. Looking forward to seeing him in a few years