NBA Redraft Round One


I have been thinking about what a IRL fantasy draft would look like if the league decided to rebalance after this Golden State clown fiesta that has been happening.

A few rules before making my draft order:

  • Players are drafted with their current contract
  • Free Agents would be signed to a market based contract (ex. Durant max, Klay max, Middleton Max, Jimmy Max, etc.)
  • For the sake of simplicity, lets assume player options are voided(any player with a player option is considered a FA)
  • All salary cap rules and re-signing incentives would still apply
  • League would continue completely as normal post-draft
  • Does NOT include incoming draft class

Lets get into the draft now (randomized the 30 teams)

  1. Brooklyn Nets - Giannis Age 24
  2. Denver Nuggets - Kawhi Age 27
  3. Miami Heat - Durant Age 30
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves - Curry Age 30
  5. Portland Trail Blazers Anthony Davis Age 25
  6. New Orleans Hornets Jokic Age 23
  7. Sacramento Kings Harden Age 29
  8. Charlotte Bobcats Luka Age 19
  9. LA Lakers Embiid Age 24
  10. Washington Wizards Paul George Age 28
  11. Toronto Raptors Lebron Age 33
  12. Detroit Pistons KAT Age 23
  13. Milwaukee Bucks Kyrie Age 26
  14. Memphis Grizzlies Lillard Age 28
  15. LA Clippers Jaren Jackson Jr. Age 19
  16. New York Knicks Ben Simmons Age 22
  17. Dallas Mavericks Tatum Age 20
  18. Phoenix Suns Fox Age 21
  19. Indiana Pacers Porzingis Age 23
  20. Chicago Bulls Siakim Age 24
  21. San Antonio Spurs Gobert Age 26
  22. Philadelphia Sixers Ayton Age 20
  23. Orlando Magic Jimmy Butler Age 29
  24. Utah Jazz Oladipo Age 26
  25. Boston Celtics D’Lo Age 22
  26. Cleveland Cavaliers Klay Age 28
  27. Houston Rockets Jamal Murray Age 21
  28. Atlanta Hawks Mitchell Age 22
  29. Golden State Warriors Beal Age 25
  30. Oklahoma City Thunder Booker Age 22

What do y’all think? Who is too high/too low? Who did I leave off?

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Jeren too high ? Why is Leonard above Key Dee? Gobert too high.


He’s a 2nd round pick imo. 29 years old and has reached his full potential. Doesn’t play great D or shoot 3’s.


i’ll list 5 of each

too low—
kevin durant
lebron james
kemba walker (unlisted)
donovan mitchell
devin booker

too high—
jayson tatum
ben simmons
kristaps porzingis (longevity concerns otherwise i’d list him higher)
kyrie irving
jaren jackson jr




Westbrook not even top 30?


Jaren Jackson Jr. could potentially be in the top 10 of this list sooner than later imo. He is an insane prospect. Shot 37% from three with some elite defensive numbers in his age 19 season.

this is a good read on what he did this season


Nope. I knew this would be controversial but he’s too inefficient and his game is not going to age well at all unless he can miraculously learn to shoot.


Shout out to the bobcats

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Honestly I don’t have many gripes about the selections. Maybe a tweak here and there but overall pretty solid


hell no that contract is more of a liability than an asset


oh no doubt, but a bit early to put him that high.


see above


This is a great list and really hard to do.

I def agree on your balance between youth/ability/contract.

Edit: Klay would go higher than Jimmy IMO, since they are same age/contract status.

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I could see this going either way. Reason I went with Jimmy is because of higher usage and shot creating. I think both can fit pretty well on any kind of team makeup, but Klay will likely have a longer career.

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