NBA Playoffs Thread: August 21st 🔥



go raptors!! :fire:

lets go utah

Wow, they did the Nets dirty putting them on NBA TV lol

If raps and celtics go up 3-0, looking likely, they should just worry and start game planing about each other

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Just thought of a crazy scenario…

Probably still not enough but what if the Celtics go all in for Wiseman.

Mind you Minny would have the 14th, 17th, 26th, 30th, and 47th Pick.

Would this deal happen, Ngl from Minny’s side this looks amazing if the right players are there

I’m hyped for tomorrow night let’s goooo

Mavs v clips should be another good one

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shino, that would be one of the biggest (most pieces included) trades in nba history

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Right, but would the Celtics do it for Wiseman, they have the assets and this removes the need of going for a big

And Hayward’s contract expires 2021 plus James Johnson’s so this deal might be worth it for them

seth (+30 plus/minus) curry should put on a show

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what firsts are those that Minny is getting?

if the celtics could get wiseman, there would be no excuses why they couldn’t become a dynasty over the next 5 or so years

The only excuse would be if wiseman is a bust


Not a bad haul, if Minny nails it you can have

14th Pick- Patrick Williams/Saddiq Bay

17th Pick- Tyrese Maxey/Jahmi’us Ramsey/Kira Lewis

26th Pick- Ramsey/McDaniels

30th Pick- Woodard/Jalen Smith/Desmond Bane

Not a bad haul imo, this would make them deep imo

Celtics can jump with the assets for this draft

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i feel like minnesota wouldn’t trade it. they should get a superstar in edwards and use free agency to build around edwards, kat and d-lo, then they could definite make playoffs and compete

i like the creativity, i really do.

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This is wild, Tankathon is nuts

This is their Mock Draft rn, dude dropped 12 spots jesus

Really interested in seeing who the Knicks choose I got a felling I know who the warriors gonna choose .

if that happens, would i be mad yes, but not as mad as losing out on a extra first rounder lol