NBA playoffs Megathread: Round 2 ❗

Link to NBA scores and schedule
Nets vs Bucks
76ers vs Hawks
Jazz vs Clippers
Suns vs Nuggets

@mods are we keeping one huge thread or are we gonna switch to this one?

Switch im pretty sure because it does say Round 1 in the first 1. I also thought that sense many teams have been decided for the 2nd round already.

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Good thinking

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Adam Silver will have an aneurysm if neither LA team makes it out the 1st round. Jazz-Mavericks and Suns-Nuggets will be intriguing matchups

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We’ll keep one for each round


My predictions will be Jazz vs Mavs and Suns vs Nuggets

For now lets stay in the 1st round

I’ll add a poll once the rest of the seeding works out :+1:

When’s Hawks 76ers?

Feels weird to me still that the Hawks are in the 2nd round so soon lol

Good matchups so far, nets bucks must watch for me, whoever wins I’m rooting for

Round 2 polls are open!!!

Who will win the series?


  • Philadelphia 76ers :bellhop_bell:
  • Atlanta Hawks :hatching_chick:

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  • Milwaukee Bucks :deer:
  • Brooklyn Nets :wastebasket:

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  • Denver Nuggets :pick:
  • Phoenix Suns :sun_with_face:

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  • Utah Jazz :saxophone:
  • Los Angeles Clippers :sailboat:
  • Dallas Mavericks :cowboy_hat_face:

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And this one is just for tonight’s game 1!!!

BUCKS vs. NETS - 7:30 PM

  • Milwaukee Bucks :deer:
  • Brooklyn Nets :wastebasket:

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I think bucks come out tonight and grab a early W to put pressure on Brooklyn, but then the Nets take care of the series in 5 or 6 games

I think the Bucks match up well and their core has been through it together before, Bucks in 6.

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Nets in 6, possibly 5.

This Suns vs. Nuggets series is going to depend on one man:

Ayton. If he can’t at least decently defend Jokic, Suns are going to be in some trouble.

Personally, I think it’s going to depend more on Chris Paul. If he’s healthy, he is going to cause problems for the Nuggets defense.

I’d wager Crowder is going to be physical with Porter. I don’t know who is going to guard Booker.

I think it’ll be a close series, but I think the Suns have the advantage.

The pitch to get Dame dollar to the Knicks has already started by Knicks fans lord have mercy via Twitter :joy:

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