NBA Playoffs Megathread: Round 1 🚨

But the reason the Mavs are doing anything is because of Luka. He sets all of that up.

And beyond that, just look at the stats. Luka averaging more points, rebounds, assists. Kawhi the better defender, sure, but swap them between teams and Clippers Luka sweeps Mavs Kawhi.

I don’t know I can agree he would fit better this clippers team than Kawhi
But that’s it .
LUka can’t guard me , how he should guard NBA players :rofl:
Luka being bad in the 4th all series besides one game too ,
Kawhi is playing unreal , he is putting wilt type of % on the road lol

Luka is a decent team defender (averaging 1.5 steals in the series), but it ain’t like Kawhi is guarding Luka and locking him down. Why does Kawhi switch off him and stand in the corner on D :thinking:

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Ok this isn’t what is happening ,
Steph average steals and he isn’t a good defender lol
They go at Luka everytime
Luka with Kawhi on him barely scored , and pass the ball out a lot of times .
Everytime he have Kawhi he calls a screen lol
You want Kawhi to fight over screens and be the main scorer on a team that barely can’t get a bucket right now without him ?
Not even MJ the GOAT

That’s why I said he was a decent team defender, not a lockdown individual defender. There is a difference between a guy who knows where to be in the right place at the right time on D, versus somebody who can play lockdown D on another superstar.

And yes, Mike played lockdown D and still scored. The Bulls ran a press, for christ’s sake, Mike had stamina like you can’t imagine.

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Kawhi avoiding the Luka matchup is an unsolved mystery.

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He wants no part of him defensively, he can’t wait to switch.

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I will not compare that seriously , but having a team that can’t score and play : on high like Luka in this era isn’t something you should demand for Anyone

Luka is smart , he never goes on Kawhi (his % are low on him ) he attack the switch’s , I saw almost an quarter with zubac and rondo always on Luka pnr
We can’t demand Kawhi to fight over screens and drop 50 on 60% shooting so they can compete until the end

If the clippers start to hit shots , the series is over

That’s is completely false
I can search for the data and send it here

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Maybe I’m old, but I don’t understand why these modern athletes that are supposedly so advanced with sports science, training, medicine, recovery from injuries, why are these guys all too tired to play every game or try on defense? I was a lockdown defender, and it did not make me too tired to play offense, I don’t understand that mentality. I do get that you can’t waste all of your energy on D, but this isn’t like it’s Reggie Miller running all over the place off screens (which btw Mike would do).

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It’s different , players now are more skilled and can shoot from the logo , pass and finish at will
Sometimes we see Kawhi on him , and the offense becomes stagnant and they change it
Luka is too smart he never attacks Kawhi too
League changed , no one take this personal

I’ll never say no to data.

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In the end of the game was something about his Low % on Kawhi on how Luka always call plays to put him away on the court
Which is plausible

So is that a no on the data?

See, I have to disagree. Shooting from further out is a choice, not necesarily some new skill. Guys have always shot from far out, the difference is now the coach won’t pull you out of the game because of it.

And I don’t think big men having perimeter skills instead of post skills means they’re better, it’s just a different skillset. Very few guys have any sort of post game, and guys that do like Embiid eat people alive. It’s a lost art, like what would Shaq do to people in this era?

Guys play less games, get injured more, hide on defense, and everybody just jacks way more 3s. I understand the idea behind 3s being statistically more valuable than 2s, but I don’t agree it makes the game or players better. The games where teams aren’t shooting 3s well are so boring, and it happens so often a team not hitting its 3s can’t win the game. What if they traded that for high percentage post shots, where drawing fouls on defenders and getting them in foul trouble is more likely?

I know everybody thinks their era is the best, but I look at how easy it is for a great post player to dominate, and I don’t understand why Giannis is more interested in shooting 3s than dropstepping a motherfucker.

I need to get on my historic , after the game

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Im not saying it’s the best , just different
Isnt easier to be out here fighting screens to guard a guy that uses all the court on his offense and keep csllling screens on you to force you to switch
Meanwhile they need him to score 50

I just don’t agree the Clippers are more reliant on Kawhi’s scoring than the Mavs/Luka. Paul George is averaging 23.8 ppg for the series.


The Mavs are literally Luka or bust. meanwhile PG is better than everyone on the Mavs not named Luka by a decent margin it’s not even close IMO .

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Thj almost averaging 20 , and the starters shooting way better %
People misleading by names ,in terms of production on this series Luka having more help
Luka was only good in one 4th quarter all this series and everyone step up for him

Luka is scoring a lot but he miss like 20 shots last game , his teammates are helping

Kawhi the best player until now on the series IMO
Those shooting % are absurd