NBA Playoffs 5/9

Raptors @ 76ers (Raptors lead 3-2) - 5:00 PST

Nuggets @ Trail Blazers (Nuggets lead 3-2) - 7:30 PST

Thoughts, Predictions, Bets for these upcoming games?

Raps Blazers

Nugs in 7

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Nervous but excited. Working till 915. Ill catch the last half !

Kinda leaning towards this as well.

Yup. I’m working til 6 so I’ll get home to watch the second half. Hopefully the Raptors pull it out

I expect a game 7 but it’s gotten to the point where if the blazers win it’s because the nuggs beat themselves. I think this series has shown that when both teams are paying well, the blazers can’t keep up with denver. Nuggs have have to play below par for Portland to win. I fully expect Portland to win tonight though.

Hold up. Real quick from last night

I gotta address the “wow james harden only took 1 shot in the final 8 minutes” bullshit narrative

Man i swear some people just like to hate. Harden gets thrashed if he isos and when he plays team ball and his team does really well bc of it he gets thrashed. The harden hate crowd cant have it both ways




Ben had 8 points and 5 assists in the 1st quarter :flushed:

If only he was this aggressive every game. If I was the Sixers, I would hire professional hecklers to troll him on social media because he only plays well when he’s pissed off.

Aight suddenly they can shoot.

Lowry 2-3 in a close-out game. Look out!

Does Lowry have an asshole glued to his mouth, so everything he does results in him sucking ass?

Nvm he’s back to normal

How can anyone hate Jimmy Butler?

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Jimmy. Fucking. Buckets.

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It seems Dave Pasch and Doris Burke are a little too friendly with each other


We ain’t goin out easy

I don’t want Jimmy Buckets

I want to see Jimmy " Stop Kawhi from getting" Buckets.

Nothing else.

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Jimmy buckets the only reason 76ers win in close games tbh

That ball was blatantly out of bounds off ennis. The fuck