NBA Playoffs 5/5

Raptors @ 76ers (76ers lead 2-1) - 12:30 PST

Nuggets @ Trail Blazers (Blazers lead 2-1) - 4:00 PST

Thoughts, Predictions, Bets for these upcoming games? We’ve had some great basketball in the second round!

Nugs blazers going to be crazy, Hope raps win

If Siakam doesn’t play, Raptors have no chance.
Even with him, I’d still favor Sixers.

As for the other game, everyone will be gassed. Benches will win/lose the game.
I can see Hood keeping that momentum.

Sixers in six

Siakam will have a big impact on the game due to whether or not he plays.

Nuggets/Blazers has been a great series so far.

Must win for Raps tonight

Raps lose tonight they losing both the series and Kawhi in FA.


My man Jokić is has eaten well and is ready to even the series :muscle:t2::muscle:t2::muscle:t2:


I’m scared and excited
I hope nurse wakes up

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Raptors have Marc Davis and Tony Brothers tonight. They have no chance

76ers vs Number 2 will be very interesting game

Any chance Paskal plays? What happened?

Kawhi is a Clipper already

Damn jokic needs to lay off the bread.

Hopefully raps can win tonight want to see a long series.

Most important game in Raptors history
im hyped

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Damn it Brothers and Davis

Any update on Siakam?

Gametime decision

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if siakam dont play this will be a very tough game for our midget squad we cant even slide in chris boucher he injured too smh