Nba Playoffs 4/30


Im gona save my trash talk till later cause i really want this dub. Cs in 4


If Boston wins again in Milwaukee it’s a wrap.

Budenholzer is a shit coach if he can’t counteract what Celtics did in game 1.

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Even if we lose tonight we did what we have to. We gotta protect the home now.

Yoghurt is not Greek oriented :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: lol

Please coach bud. Just play giannis at fucking center and brook lopez at pg

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Lol what is that gonna do we’ll just switch on everything

I’m sure coach Bud found a way to make Giannis much more impactful

But I don’t understand why they didn’t used Lopez more in post up. Sometimes he was guarded By Jaylen Brown. I know Brook Lopez isn’t Hakeem Olajuwon but he can push down Jaylen in the post

It was a joke lol


Bucks cheesing today.

Galaxy Opal Giannis all 48.

And a little reminder to the Celtics fans

Yes you destroyed Milwaukee in the first game, yes Brad Stevens outcoached coach Bud, yes all the team played incredibly well and yes the Bucks were playing terribly. But this won’t happen all series long, I trust Giannis and Mike Bud to find a way to turn this to their advantage.

Now do the Celtics have a chance to win the series? If they win tonight, I would say we’re going straight for it. Otherwise it was just a terrible first game for the Bucks, and they are perfectly able to win at the TD Garden to tie the series.

Tonight is as important for the Bucks as a game 7, and if they don’t choke, I’m pretty sure they will win without much trouble

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:deer: & :sweat_drops: win game 2

Bucks were getting a ton of open looks in game 1. Shots just didn’t fall. It happens


Going to be fun to watch

I like both teams but expect bucks with a similar set and more movement, maybe even using the Celtics 3 man blockade on giannis against them

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It’s way too early to get overconfident. The Celts haven’t lost and are due for a stinker and Giannis is due for a big game at any time. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if Celts got blown out, as long as the Bucks are aggressive they’ll get all the calls. It’s good though they took one, I still got Celts in 7 but in 5 if they win today. They won’t come back down 0-2 they’d have to win 4/5 not happening.

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Bucks by 6

How can giannis literally throw rozier and get shots disgusting

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Refs by 10. No contest.

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These Bucks fans in attendance are cute. They are clearly new to the playoffs. They get super amped for a basket. The place is rocking. Celtics make a single basket and the arena goes dead silent for 5 minutes. Lol.

They’re trying to give it to them, that offensive foul on Al was funny to me because I can’t count a time that the bucks dont move on screens(we just dont fall).

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