NBA Playgrounds is kinda fun

Downloaded it almost as a joke, since I’m off 2K & MyTeam. Simple, stupid arcade game but actually a lot of fun. Plus there is some semblance of a pack system which gives you a tiny rush when you pull a legendary player. It’s included with Xbox Game Pass so it didn’t cost any extra. If you’re done with 2K and just want to play some super casual arcade hoops for a minute give it a look.

If you’re expecting sim, then don’t touch this with a 40 foot pole

Yeah it’s pretty fun! Reminds me of NBA Jam

Are you talking about playgrounds 2? I played the first one and it was allright, are the packs still free?

Playgrounds 2 is cancelled I thought

Oh I didn’t hear about that

Just playing the first one, didn’t even know about a 2. Packs are free, but players don’t seem to make a huge difference, really just conceptual that you get use your favorite players.

Yeah PG 2 was supposed too release like a month ago

I stayed up until 3AM playing this stupid game lol. Might not have legs but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. My current duo is Jerry West and Vince Carter. Reminds me of SuperMax a little bit. lol

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I just Googled it and it was supposed to release may 21 but was postponed with no new date, apparently they have huge news coming soon though.

Never played the 1st but saw a video of Agent 00 playing a demo or beta of the 2nd and it was intriguing with the variety of game modes and challenges and the roster…

Word, apparently it’s going too be even better when it does finally drop

Dunks are similar to Supermax lol

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