NBA NEEDS to Refine Foul-Calling

Being able to draw fouls on the offensive end is one thing, but doing it so you average over 14.3 FTA per game in the last 6 games is vile and disgusting. More than HALF of the calls on the defensive players guarding James Harden were scenarios in which Harden initiating the contact by extending his arms and body to “hook” or “pull” the defense with him, resulting in a foul.

What are you supposed to do if you’re a defender? Just stand still and put your arms behind your back? That’s what San Antonio did a few games ago, because there’s nothing a defender can do when the NBA respects the offensive end of the floor more than the defensive side.

I believe that if it’s a blatant attempt at initiating the contact to draw a foul, and where there is no legitimate / high-quality shot in the process, then it should be an offensive foul. Look at Harden’s stats the past 6 games…

FT’s — 76/84 roughly 12/14 per game (90%).

FG’s — 66/146 roughly 11/24 per game (45%).

This needs to stop, as what was once a fun team to watch has turned into Harden ISO ball with more makes at the FT line than makes in the field on inefficient shooting. What a terrible brand of basketball he has — without his free throws and manipulation of the foul system, he would be a no-defense chucker.


Harden for MVP

Playoffs harden chokes everytime because of the no foul calls :rofl:

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And they need to tone down on GSW moving screens since Bogut and Dray started doing it, but here we’re.

Golden State literally got killed in the second half of their loss to the Jazz due to moving screen calls. The Rockets employ such screens as well. Nobody in the league exploits any facet of the game more than James Harden, and it is reducing the quality of the product which the NBA is sending out.

I just honestly hope he quits drawing as many fouls else you gonna get a stroke soon :smile:

I mean, the league is already going to address it. There have been too many complaints as of late regarding the foul calls and the no-calls on his constant traveling.

It’s how the game is officiated nowadays

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Bring handchecking back :heart_eyes:

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I doubt they will considering they already did address it. Literally created a Harden rule. And he doesnt travel more than any other player. That one 3 step stepback was blown out of proportion

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They need to touch up this and all the soft techs they are calling. IOn the free throws though, on saturday Giannis shot 17 free throws

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Harden is averaging 14 FT attempts over their last 6 games.

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Hear also what Ray Allen sayin’ about this: