NBA MVP Discussion

So far into the year, who do you think is the MVP?
Additionally, how do you think is most likely to win the award, regardless of your opinion?

My money is on Steph, as there is no clearer difference between two things this season than the best team in the league and a struggling Western Conference mess – which is entirely dependent on when Curry plays or not. He’s also putting up 30-5-5 on 50-50-94 shooting.


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He will for sure with the RotY award, but there is a slim possibility that if he were to up his scoring and efficiency, and continue to help the Mavs roll, then he may just find himself in the conversation.


Hmm. To me theres a few good Candidates to win: Steph is one, Giannis could if he keeps it up this season and LeBron and also Kawhi. Both teams in the east are playing great. Big fan of Giannis and he’s honestly so great. To be fair though LeBron’s what 34 and still playing as good as all of them lol. LeBron could be MVP every year he’s just that good. But I kinda would like to see Giannis or Kawhi. Being a raptors fan (and OKC fan) I would love Kawhi to win it, but if Giannis does I’ll be happy too

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I think there are only 3 players that will realistically win it


I think if Steph keeps this pace up and remains healthy, hes the MVP. I would like to see Giannis tho


Hahah yeah when I typed it I was defs kidding, but as I thought about it I realised it wasn’t extremely outrageous.

I gotta agree it’s Steph at this point, though still crazy early. LeBron having those Lakers in the top 8 will always be in the convo too.

The east doesn’t have any huge standout for me (yet). I’m seeing team success, but no single player being overly responsible for it. Kawhi is having a great season, but they’ve also lost some big matchups lately

I think that the order of the top 6 would be:

1.) Steph
2.) Giannis
3.) LeBron
4.) Kawhi
5.) Durant
6.) Embiid

I believe Luka will win it. I thought it after I seen him play that there’s no way anybody will be better than this guy in the draft. So happy Mavs got him. Very happy for them. He definitely can be an MVP player once he does get use to the NBA playstyle

MVP = Most “Valuable” Player

Imagine Charlotte Hornets without Kemba Walker. Change my mind.

They have 2 big ones this week in LAC and GSW. I don’t think Kawhi will suit up for the GSW game, as it’s the second of a b2b.

Sucks for basketball fans. KD should go off again, especially given his past 2 below-average performances.

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Don’t read this so idk how good the opinion is of this website but here’s who they think so far.

The Hornets are 13-13… he isn’t winning it if they are just a .500 team.

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I’m just kidding bro hahaha but he’s definitely in the mix.

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Yeah Kemba’s good but feel like they need some better players or he need’s a championship contending team that he can lead to be higher in that conversation. I would love if they could get better but they really need to make trades or something…

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No on curry. Curry is playing good but regardless of injuries this warriors regular season is already a drastic underperformance. They dont look like clear frontrunners anymore. The league might have caught up. Probably lebron or giannis as their teams are exceeding expectations and they are playing just as good if not better.


Agreed 100%. I know Curry is playing good but the team won’t be as good this year. These other teams are getting better and the Warriors are just starting to get worse this year. I do feel like they will be good but hoping that a east team wins this year in the finals unless lebron makes it there


Clips a prime example of a team playing great basketball, but not reliant on any one guy. Tobias could be one of the most underrated players in the nba though. Was last season too. Probs has been his whole career, but he really stepped it up when he got to Detroit

Kevin Love would be saucy.

When you factor how many stars they have and how high expectations are this looks even worse for them

Yeah. I think if KD does leave I think they should try going after him lol. Who knows they could sign an All Star. I mean most people never thought of Kawhi going to Toronto and look what happened