Nba live 19 10 mins of gameplay

Not going to lie, looks better then 18, they might be on the right track, it look like they changed the shot meter too, to go under the player, like 2k17

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I’m a live boy next year cuz i suck at 2k where all pros cheese :grin:

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Wow, I’m very impressed, even the Ball jumped very realistically of the ring, in Live18 it looked very chunky when the Ball jumped of the ring. Great to see live19 moves in the right direction.

NBA Ballers: Phenom > NBA Live 19

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I actually picked up live 18 for 6 dollars. Worth 6 dollars to try it.

Looks awful will be under 60 review score on metacritic mark my words!

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I don’t know how anyone can’t see this. It will be god awful as usual. They just don’t know what they’re doing. It’s nothing but gimmicks.

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Compared to Live18 it looks great, think positive :wink:

Prolly will get better than a 1.6 rating

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I love how the same people who don’t expect live to change also expect 2k to fix all the bugs from this year and increase pack odds lmao

Before anyone calls this game awful, realize that you happily deal with bump steals and insta blow bys all game lol


Can’t be talking to me then. I think Live will continue to suck and 2K will continue to have shit pack odds and buggy 5 out gameplay.

Not gonna lie, it looks smooth as hell and more realistic than 18. Even tho its a crappy street game, im impressed.

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Konami and Pes ruled back in the day, after EA took over with Fifa, it took years for em to recover. You are underestimating EA’s greed. I believe it will be a really enjoyable game with less cheeses and more importantly on time patches.

People spend like 100+ $ on a fucking 2k legend edition or whatever it is called and are shitting on live without even trying it out when its like 5 times cheaper than 2k smh. The game actually is a breath of fresh air after playing 2k and you dont need to spend thousands on packs. Keep feeding 2k this is the best way to not get any improvements

I still think PES is better than FIFA. Maybe I’m in the minority and need to give FIFA another chance.

Wasn’t so till 18 :slight_smile: The thing is EA is more than capable of competing with 2k. I think this year will be a milestone.

I’m a park player
And this looks very cool, and better than 2k17 and 2k18 Park. Imho.
How it is in the end, we will see

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So FIFA 18 is better than PES? Fascinating… How far away are we from FIFA 19? :slight_smile:

I said till 18 not 19 :slight_smile: Pes is better this year but that licencing problem is big deal.