NBA is Back! GOAT LeBron, GOAT Carter + 13 opals!

Really want AD and GoAT lebron but I can wait till next week, will prices drop more for those cards ?

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I was playing with him last night, and I couldn’t reminder if it was you or someone else who said it - this Harden card actually feels like Harden. It’s nothing like his opal reward. Even some of his passes made me laugh they’re so ridiculous.

Same thing with Westbrook. Another insanely fun card that’s legitimately good.


Yeah that was me lol His animations are so accurate I was in a game last night and said “damn this must be how Harden feels when hes playing a real game”.

He has so many weapons on offense, he throws lasers and clamps.

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I would pay someone to write this article/essay for me .


Locked in for Vince card kind of mid but granted I only played 2 games with him

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Lol I got you any time bro. I’m getting ready for classes next month :joy::joy:

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@JDRFLIP am I playing you in MTU rn?

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Yes bro am sweating my ass off lmao.

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Not at all

I have no answer for you lol

It was close in first half bro. Was fkin sweating am currently at 11-0 now.

GGs my guy

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GGs man

These cards are ridiculous. I’ve been playing a lot of folks with these cards in their lineups and have not seen so many full whites go in and so many offball intercepted balls all year. No point in playing with older cards when these are so juiced that you can just offball and mistime shots all game.

Is Opal Ad worth 100k more than Bam?

Yeah i farmed a huge stock last days.

Haven’t tried Bam intense but AD is really good for me after some games as PF.
Ben and Leonard are top cards but davis is at no. 3
for me now with Zion.

Because my bigs right now are Bam, Wiseman, Eddy and Dino and maybe I could get wiseman a good duo

Yeah i’m running Dino/ Goat Shaq and Davis/ Wiseman. That works great for me.

Do you think Zion could be used as a small ball 4 at times with Ad at 5?

Zion sf and davis pf is the better choice. Zion is short and davis much better at Pf at this point.
Will give you trouble i think.

What would you say a fair price to get AD at would be should I wait for goat packs?