NBA HOF Probability Index

I saw an article recently that provided a percentage probablity different current players will make the HOF:


Thoughts? Mine are as follows:

  • Curry isn’t a 100% lock yet?
  • How are Lowry and Love on this list at all?
  • Giannis is lower than Kevin Love?!

No D-Rose? Why Blake?

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LeBron being on this list is kinda questionable

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A lot is taken into consideration. Giannis will eventually be higher than Love, but Love has been in the NBA longer, both have 5 all star selections, both have a ring, Love has just had a longer career (rebound leader too).

That being said, idk how Lillard is higher than Kyrie. He’s for sure better than him tho.

Whoever made this list needs to stay off the weed. Kawhi and Giannis are 100% hall of famers and I don’t know how can anyone put Paul George over them in any list, not to mention hof probability list. Someone used some weird math here, but forgot to also use a brain.


Giannis and Kawhi could retire right now and be HOF locks.

Giannis is a DPOY, 2x MVP, FMVP, All Star MVP, and has multiple all star selections.

Kawhi is a 2x DPOY and 2x FMVP with multiple all star selections and an all star MVP.

Love will probably get in as well, but the fact that he’s so high in the list indicates to me the formula they are using puts too much weight into “longevity” and not enough weight into actual accomplishments and accolades.

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Lillard is one of my favorite players in the league but if he stays in Portland I don’t see how he has a 90% chance to make the HOF.

  • Curry is a lock, and higher than CP3
  • Carmelo should be #1 in the Non-MVP Division (more on that to come). He has seven more Olympic game appearances than anyone else in Team USA history. U.S. Men's Olympic Games Records. Top-10 NBA career scorer. 100% lock.
  • I would have Anthony Davis lower.
  • I would have Dame lower, too, and I like Dame a lot.
  • Kawhi is too low. Load management arguments aside, he’s done too much to not moonwalk into the HOF.
  • No Jokic or Rose in the top-20 is interesting (and wrong). Historically, MVP = HOF. Is Derrick Rose a future Hall-of-Famer? The case for and against (didn’t read the whole thing.)
  • Giannis is too low, for the same reason.
  • Kyle Lowry seems high. Paul George seems high.

All of the “too-high” guys might still make it, and HOF is HOF, but the list here is ranked…

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Kyrie has done more than Dame has. Just watch 2016 Kyrie and your mind would be blown. That was back when Kyrie had that energy and desire to play the game. The current Kyrie is still Kyrie but he’s just different.

Players from 1 to 10 should be there but Kyle Lowry? Not that he’s bad but a 85% chance is a bit more than I’d give him

Also no doubt that giannis will go from 65% up to about 95 in the next 5 years

Also guessing some “nba analyst “ made this list :joy:

Lowry should be 100% and Lebron 99.9%

Giannis stock just went up big time

carmelo over giannis :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: this graph is a joke get this off my screen

why anthony davis is so high?
AD’s accolade:
Drafted in 2012, all star + a ring + play for lakers. (anything else??)

Both Kawhi and Giannis drafted around his time and their % are significantly lower than AD. I don’t know how they calculate the probability.

Kawhi: drafted in 2011, 2 x dpoy, and 2 x fmvp

Giannis: drafted in 2013, 2 x mvp, 1 dpoy, and 1 x fmvp.

You gotta put respect on Carmelo’s name, medals, and buckets. Champ or not, he’s a first-ballot HOF.


CP3 highest in non MVP class

This has to be a troll list Kyle Lowry higher than Giannis? Lmao

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stat padder that guy got 6 million shot attempts per game he’s the reason linsanity ended

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I’m not saying melo is trash but he’s not better than giannis

Some of that list feels so wrong that it must be done on purpose to make people get worked up and engage with it. It’s like Skip Bayless in written form. Say some outrageous shit that you know is wrong so that people talk about you.