NBA Games 11/1/2018

I know its early but the Kings could be on route to start 6-3 if they beat the Hawks tonight :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Celtics and bucks

I’m tryna tune in on my phone right now actually

How about them Nuggets though. About to sweep a road back to back and be 7-1

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Unexepcted. Y’all are doing good. Same with Milwaukee. Didn’t think they’d be 7-0

What’s crazy is that we’re winning all these games while shooting 29% from three. Who would’ve predicted it would be the Nuggets defense winning them games. Once the shooting reverts back to their mean look out foreal

20/41 from 3 for Boston franchise record and some prime cheese. The NBA game is going to be more shots from 3 then drives & mid range plus 5 out :grin:

Might get an Amy or Diamond Embiid. He dropped 40 tonight.

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We eating buck tonight lol, boys playing nice🔥