NBA games 10/22

Magic vs Celtics
Hornets vs Raptors
Knicks vs Bucks
Pacers vs Wolves
Bulls vs Mavericks
Grizzlies vs Jazz
Wizards vs Blazers
Suns vs Warriors
Spurs vs Lakers

Hams takes:

  • Is Kat gonna show something finally or is he the most effected by Butler drama
  • Excited to see what Kemba can do against Toronto
  • Over or under 150 combined points in Jazz vs Grizzlies?
  • Wizards and Blazers are like the doppelganger of each other in the other conference
  • Warriors might drop 140. They’re due for a hot shooting night after being terrible from 3 first three games
  • Lakers are probably gonna start the season 0-3. They need to show something this game. Lonzo needs to make an impact in Rondo’s absence

Hope raps get the W, hornets playing good, but would be a disappointing loss for raptors, maybe another big game from kawhi

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Y’all beat the celts the hornets shouldn’t be a problem looks like the raps have a shot at the finals

Raps look legit. Excited to see kawhi play again. When they start clicking and understanding how each other play within the system this team is gunna be hella fun to watch. Right now everything is still new


People sleeping on the raps. I’m excited to see what they do this year.

Think a lot of basketball nerds are very hyped for the Raps, this year. Everyone was salivating over Lowry - Green - Kawhi - Anunoby - Ibaka small-ball lineup. But also how they can go bigger with Valanciunas in for Anunoby, and how they can also go smaller on the perimeter with Lowry and Van Vleet at the guard positions. So flexible.


Guys after watching every toronto game so far, Im willing to say that so far (yes its very early) but this is the best team in the East and I could see them beating any team in the league. Theyre polished, they are running great sets on offense, and their defense is on a string. I will also say it looks like Ibaka, Lowry, OG have all taken a step forward.

It is truly remarkable how much better Kawhi is compared to Demar Derozan.


Still laughing at the Jimmy butler chants when Kat bricked freethrows lol

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Its great to hear the narrative change on the raps. Albeit upgrading from deebo to kawhi will do that. We are deep and have lots of 3 pt threats along with great perimeter defenders