NBA Gameday: Warriors v. Blazers Game 4

Let’s get things started with KD being a bitch.

FYI I’m a huge Warriors fan, but c’mon bruh…

And this man allegedly wants to play in NYC? He’d commit suicide by the All-Star Break. LMAOOO. He ain’t ready for that smoke.


Lmao the fan didn’t even say anything bad really. It’s not like he was trying to shit on KD.


kd a pussy bro on cuh

Warriors in 4… warriors in 5 in the finals… it’s sad but we all knew this going into the season

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Ive been saying 6 but its looking like I was wrong. It may end up a gentlemens sweep but the dubs are playing lights out right now.

It’s just amazing to me how that team can go from playing with kd to losing him an instantly being able to play perfect team ball… goes to show why they won 73 games


Imagine if they can play with this movement when KD is healthy.

Wtf is wrong with kd Lol

Imagine being that Insecure, the dude didn’t even say anything.

Mental midget. He needs to stay the fuck away from NYC. They’ll eat him alive. He’ll be on Snapchat covered in Vaseline with a gun to his head by December.


If Meyers Leonard goes for 50, the Blazers have a chance

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bucks in 6 over the warriors with George Hill winning mvp

What if what if KD is trolling?

Also warriors win tonight

105-92 curry has 34
Klay 27


kd is known for being a little bitch on twitter though

Have fun in New York Kd

This series is dead and warriors should be embarrassed if they lose one. Lillard playing mess up hamstring and broken ribs

It’s a sweep, and is such a shame.

They’re to good.