NBA Gameday Thread (4/19): Raps/Magic, Celts/Pacers, Blazers/Thunder

Siakam is going OFF

Orlando’s construction of a brick house is going SWIMMINGLY.

Siakam is a dog though & through

Raps defense going to work

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We watching siakam turn into a full fledged all star right in front of our eyes

Yeah, he’s amazing.
A perfect example of why teams should be more patient with players instead of ditching them after one season. Literally a 200% improvement.

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Its scary to think how good he will be at this point next year. Summer to train. Whole year to hone his 3pt shot and further his post game

Pull ups and fadeaways would make him an animal

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They’re still sleep crodie , Siakam is 20-30 pounds from Pre-Giannis

The officiating is beyond awful again.

Magic have the fewest fta during the season and have lived at the line the last 2 games

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Oh yahhh. Raps getting davis. Then brothers. Terrible officials who wax raps a lot. But learning to play through is important. I just hope those clowns arent doing the later rounds.

Kyle killin em with that step back 3 :slight_smile:
Also anyone else notice actual 2k plays happen in the actual game? Ive seen the magic run fist double drag numerous times lol

Yeah, like every season.
They just try and extend every series.

Idk about 2k, but those hammer plays for Danny are Spurs plays.

20-7 in free throws. Criminal

Sad to see the Magic piss away this victory by laying bricks all night. They missed a LOT of open shots. Not to say Raps don’t play good defense, but a lot of this is self-inflicted brickery.

Yeah that’s was gross lol , I didn’t even notice that but I’m not too surprised

Another crucial play ending in a 3 pt brick. Jeez…

Crazy stat… smells funny. Kawhi took a beating all game. No calls at all. Crazy

Yeah, let’s just give the last shot that could get us back in the game to the guy who’s been bricking it whole night long.

I sometimes hate how NBA coaches insist on keeping players in the game even though it’s obviously not their night. Doesn’t work out 95% of the time.

That’s just 2k-equalizer level lack of rebounding.

TRoss is one of the scariest players, just randomly starts hitting impossible shots.

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@raptorsbenchmob I’m sorry but the raps aren’t looking good in this series makes me worried if they match up against Boston