NBA Gameday Thread (4/19): Raps/Magic, Celts/Pacers, Blazers/Thunder

So, who ya got today?

I’m going Raps, Celts, and Thunder.

I’m going raps pacers blazers

Kyle BANGS a three to start :slight_smile: go raps go


Biggest charge ive seen in a while. Gasol took a BODY lol.

celtics in fo cuh

Even though Celtics are up 2-0, they’re just not up to that championship contention level.
Kyrie had to takeover against Oladipo-less Pacers just for them to win the game and all of their offense comes from individual (mainly Kyrie’s) plays.
If Oladipo was healthy, it would be a very close series. I can see Indiana taking at least one home game.

As for the Thunder, idk. Even though their rostar has some obvious weaknesses, they’ve been flat out terrible. Westbrook’s performance so far is inexcusable. I acutally thought he finally realized some things and that he’ll tone down his chucking, but as soon as things go south he reverts back to one of the worst chuckers of all time.

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Look at this fucking half-time report.

I don’t wanna hear about that trainwreck of a franchise ESPN, I want to see some playoff-talk and half-time analysis.

Shit channel.

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ESPN is so inferior to TNT in covering games, it’s kinda gross. :face_vomiting:

TNT has Marv “now they’re saying it’s a 2” Albert, so it evens out.

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And don’t forget…


I refuse to watch that shit. :rofl:

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ESPN is so bad, I’d rather watch IT’S PLAYERS ONLY BABY!

I just can’t stand their announcers or half-time shows. :confused:

Well, except when Hubie’s on.

Hubie Brown, all-time goatingest GOAT color man doing the Celtics game. And I’m stuck with Chinese fanboy nerd commentary. Giant L

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Yeah, casuals dislike Hubie but he knows more basketball than rest of their commentators and analysts combined.

I can at least laugh while watching TNT, ESPN with Pierce and his issues is pure cringe.

And Reggie is also insufferable at times, contributes nothing to the actual broadcast.
On Mark “there goes that man” Jackson level.

Some team broadcasts are way better than TNT/ESPN.

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Btw, Raptors still look like a bunch of individuals.
Kawhi is amazing, but whenever they’re in trouble they just give him the ball to iso.

Will work against the Magic, but this is not championship contender baskteball.

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It actually just a coincidence two Hubie praises in a row.

Players Only is awful. You know it’s Players Only when you turn on the game, there’s no commentary for two minutes, then there’s a good play, then you hear Nate Robinson say “aiiiiight”

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In other news, I’m starting to think the Magic will win this game. Impressive!

Hey look, raptors have 4 free throws. Tony Brothers doing work. Can’t wait for Marc Davis to ref game 4 again

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Among Australian Celtics centers, Aron Baynes is the undeniable GOAT