NBA gameday thread: 2/11

Raptors vs Celtics 7:30pm
Heat vs Rockets 7:30pm
Pacers vs Pistons 8pm
Magic vs Warriors 10pm
76ers vs Trail Blazers 10pm

All times EST. Is anyone watching the G-League? I’m watching the OKC Blue vs the Salt Lake City Stars. I like seeing Poku out there

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Has Poku made a shot yet

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One 3pter, so yes

Idk if raps are gonna beat Celtics they have our number

Jalen Green is in the gleague as well

Wait…Poku in the G-league??? Since when

today’s his first game

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Wow that sucks

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Tbh, I’m more hyped on Vit Krecji than I am on Poku.

I love Poku but he’s too raw as a player rn imo

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if you had to bet lemme see those picks

Blazer warriors pacers rockets celtics

Games been wild this year though, always upsets

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Hopefully Pacers can get a win, rough stretch of schedule, especially without Warren and LeVert

Celtics have been off and on lately. The win over the Clippers last week was great, but we’re still waiting to consistently see Kemba play at the all star level we know he’s capable of. Also defensively as a team we’re still a work in progress this season

Pure comedy mjlol

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Since we’re talking about the g league:

Luka 20 pts 17 rebs 6 asts
Tre 18 pts 4 rebs 16 asts

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Yoooo that’s so bad lol.

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We about to beat the raps

Lets go finish this guys

Nba at ending 12h30 that crazy

Pacers finally back in the win column.

Josh Jackson just went copycat to Grant lol