NBA GameDay Discussion 12/22: OPENING NIGHT

The day has come. The 20/21 season begins tonight with 2 great games

Warriors @ Nets 7pm ET
Clippers @ Lakers 10pm ET


Lakers vs the Team from Cancun :muscle:


Even though we just had the shortest off season, I’m still so glad to have basketball back!

Will be good to see KD back out there!


As a nuggets fan this is the most hyped I’ve been at the start of a season that I can remember. Is it crazy that I think this could be the best team the franchise has had? I think their real championship window begins this year.


Glad to see my Warriors back first night.
Let’s see how this goes. Hopefully can kill the nets solo plays. KD gonna be spicy though

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:musical_note: 18 on the way :musical_note:

GSW vs BKN, 6 PM Central
LAC vs LAL, 9 PM Central
Good game day. Don’t get too hyped about Lakers Clippers because AD and Bron wont play.

bruh bron andd davis arent playing lakers gonna get blown out


I remember everyone saying exactly this last season but they did play and got their ass beaten by Kawhi

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Tomorrow Night, the return.

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lmao that was hilarious


Anyway tomorrow news will be

Title 1 : GSW is going for another off season after loosing to the Nets
Title 2 : BKN starting the season by a loss, is it the start of some tensions in the locker room?

Title 1 : LAL win and look very strong. Clippers are already doubting
Title 2 : LAC are looking strong, Lakers after many players leaving will struggle to go for a back to back

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As a Brooklyn Nets fan, I don’t have a good vibe about this season. I think Kyrie Irving is a team killer. My prediction is that KD gets a season ending injury. And then about a week later, Kyrie, realizing that he has no title chances anymore, ALSO gets a season ending injury. The Nets finish around .500 and lose in the first round.

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Warriors went from first to last so I know what tough seasons are haha but I agree with you on Kyrie part.
He’s a great park player, one of those cheesy dribblers in MyCareer. He’s a crap version of James Harden

I wonder if the Clippers will hang a banner in the rafters for an Opening Night, Regular Season victory from a year ago. :thinking:


Lakers Ring Ceremony infront of the Clippers :rofl:


It’s going to be glorious :innocent::trophy::tada::rofl:

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Hahaha epic moments stars now :joy: