NBA Gameday 2-17-21

Knicks vs Magic

Rockets vs 76ers

Hawks vs Celtics

Pacers vs Timberwolves

Pistons vs Bulls

Nuggets vs Wizards

Trail Blazers vs Pelicans

Heat vs Warriors

Thunder vs Grizzlies

Jazz vs Clippers

Some good games in here!


isnt bulls pistons postponed?

Bulls were supposed to play Charlotte today. that game was postponed. This Pistons games must be a reschedule of some sort

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Ouch Rockets this team very mismatched

SGA is playing! Nice.

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This’ll be rough


we have been playing pretty good as of recent

@YOSEMITE_HAM jokic is gonna feast on us

if we can pull this one out we are on our way into the play in game at least

Smells like an upcoming L, Presti you evil genius.

But yeah, that’s gotta be rough


Presti is the weather god and made sure they would have jetlag going into this game. God damnit Presti your a genius!


Looking like it might be a long night for Wizards bigs lol

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it always is :sweat_smile:


Man, Jokic is ridiculously good. He can’t miss lol

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MVP Jokic at it again. 15 points, 6/6 from the field in the first quarter

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Lmao Westbrook throws it in the 5th row

Danny Green


Bertans torching that net

this game and last game he’s been showing why we payed him

still think he’s over payed because all he can do is shoot but it is what it is

Is Chesapeake out of power?

That’s kind of funny. Chesapeake ENERGY arena

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Bro what was that foul :joy: