NBA GameDay 2-13-21

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Nets warriors :eyes::eyes:

Scary terry
Now that kemba is playing trash and rosier is doing this, I’m having some regrets😂

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GSW should bring back them Chinese jerseys

Kyrie with the Playoff P type shot.


You stole my comment.

But I’ll forgive you since you are a Thunder fan

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No, you got it all wrong, Kyrie is recruiting Paul George

He knows Paul George is well known for a shot like that, so he did it as a secret recruiting tactic

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If Bruce Brown was 6’11 the Nets would be the best team in the NBA by a wide margin. He sure fuckin plays like it tho

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Bruce “big man” brown

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Too bad the Nets can’t play a team with no center every game

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Draymond non contact leg injury after an awkward landing. Hope he’s okay

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Draymond Achilles??

Bro, as a Thunder fan, can this injury bug just leave the Dubs alone please.

It’s just sad to see at this point.

Hope Draymond is okay

He walked off on his own power with only a slight limp, he’s fine I think

Alright hope it ain’t much. The way he stayed down made it seem worse.

Draymond is hopefully okay

This bruce brown dude looks nice as hell

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i bet on the nets -4 easiest money

Draymond is back?

Thank god

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Nets offense abusing the warriors