NBA Gameday 02/21

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Nic Claxton questionable for the first time this year :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Another finals preview

Lets go Wolves beat former wolves coach Tom

I don’t think the Hawks are going to the finals

Rondo vs Rubio finals peak matchup’s dream

didn’t realize the Pelicans were 12-17. what’s going on with them?

I would like it :sweat_smile:

Wolves Knicks finals

JJ Redick just got tossed for giving the ball back to ref after a foul💀

Lol what

Celtics choking hard. Kemba is just a shadow of his former self…

Tatum would be so much more efficient if he gave up those post up fade away jumpers. He rarely makes them, but he’s taking them every game.

Zion is more or less Hulk :smiley:

I think he heared you :joy:

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Bullshiiiiiit :joy::joy::joy::joy:. That ball was clearly out from Brown. Also Tatum traveled on that shot.

Zion just yeeted Tristan Thompson away :joy:



Lmaooo Zion said ‘‘get out my way’’ :joy:

Tatum so clutch man

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