NBA Game Talk: SAT 4/10/21

Battle of the injured title contenders!

Gary trent Jr out here playing like he can’t miss lol

Need me a gtj card for the culture

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Man he’s so streaky, when he’s on he’s ON. Cool to see him mostly on since the trade! Haha

Lowkey that used to be norm too.

I think he is higher in the rotation right now than in Portland too. Like we letting him get a lot of touches and shots up

Looks that way for sure. Was hard as a guard off the bench in PDX behind Dame and CJ. Different seasons for Portland and Raps, glad he’s somewhere he can have that freedom and touches.

44 on 17/19 shooting fuck me that’s a hot Gary, haha

Gary seems like a good fit over here lol

No Bron no Ad no Kuz.

Lakers blowout the No Harden Nets…

Not bad…

Another Oshley great move. I was so shocked when they’ve traded him. Our franchise ain’t going nowhere. Wasting Lillard’s prime.

I don’t know about that… in his time in Portland Gary proved to be very streaky and quite one dimensional. Unless a few things change he’s not going to be a consistent 20ppg kind of guy. Outside of his shooting he showed very little other offensive weapons in his time here. His drives were incredibly suspect, his ability to finish at the rim was awful and he had an awful case of tunnel vision. Didn’t know when to give it off.

Sure he can go off for a big scoring night but in Portland he never showed anywhere near the consistency or versatility to be an impactful player when the shot isn’t falling. Can he develop that? I hope so for his and Toronto’s sake, because he’s gonna get the bag.

Powell the more proven impactful player on a nightly basis on both ends. I’d rather pay Powell myself.

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Yeah but at least on Gary you had bird rights. Powell will only be a rental.

True. I’m just not as high on Gary as I know the price he will command. I think front office feel the same way