NBA Game Talk: MON 2/22/21

All times are Pacific:

Blazers Suns will be interesting

The lakers are cold, wizards are on fire.

Either Beal drops 35+ and Westbrook gets a triple double and the whole team shows out

Or they lose by 25

we can get this win. we have been hot and coming off this 4 game streak. i think we can beat them without AD

about to tune in. i might not be able to watch the whole thing :grimacing:

hopefully we go up by 30 at half so i can sleep

great to see mo in the starting lineup again

lots of double teams on beal early

let russ work on wesley that’s a mismatch

Utah Clamped Hornets in the 4TH

Bout Time Bertans hit a 3.

Wizards playing 5 v 8

LeChoke James :joy::joy:


This game is NUTSSS

He’s bailing the Wiz out with all these 3s

I told y’all, AD is the best Laker. Without him they’re the 2019 missed playoffs Lakers.

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Gg, gg… nice game :smiley:

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5 wins in a row

we looking great

all we need is a center

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Not sure why Lebron jacked from 30 ft there. Had a time out. Also why did wizards inbound to Westbrook not Beal at the end of the 4th knowing the foul was coming. Questionable decisions by both teams

Beal was crazy in ot

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