NBA Game Talk: MON 1/4/21

im excited for the Thunder game, I think we could win. Also there is a game at 10:00

Duh, the Warriors 2nd of the back-to-back. Thanks. Edited.

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No problem

Cmon Thunder it would be great having 2 wins on the road back-to-back

Damn this thread is dead. I’m mad, refs helping the Heat a little more than helping the thunder. Down by 14 at half
Sga 15
Dort 9
Bazley 8

I really hope raptors make playoffs

How tf is that a foul? Shai never extended his arms. Adebayo fell over, foul called.

Bro Bazley is having his breakout game. Almost another double-double 14 and 8

Bro these refs don’t know what a block is. Then Horford gets shoved to the ground. No foul called. Were just playing bad this quarter refs still kinda bad


These Knicks ain’t fucking around with Thibs. RJ showing the league how ridiculous his all rookie team snub was.

IQ might be the truth… that kid excites the hell out of me. I haven’t been this excited about the Knicks since Melo. And to be honest, home grown teams are always more fun than “purchased” ones. I can’t remember being this happy as a Knicks fan.

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Which is why this is my favorite iteration on the nuggets

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No one gonna talk about Payton Pritchard?

32 min
23 pts
8 assists
2 3PT
5/5 FT

Me: Name me a better rookie

Anyone: Anthony Edwards



The future is here @Kobe6Rings


IK, Christian Wood looking good af.

story of the night is lukas triple double and Steph Curry bout to triple double right after a 60 point night , ps payton pritchard is not a top rookie by any stretch lmfao

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They have so much faith in him, he’s playing well in the absence of Kemba and Teague


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you aren’t HarryLundt, you are VisionharryLundt

No triple double for Curry but he didn’t play the 4th quarter at all. If it was a close game and he played in the 4th, who knows how gaudy it would have gotten for him.

Really fun to see the Warriors firing on all cylinder. Curry doing Curry things but also: Oubre going 4-6 and Wiggins 2-4 from outside. Draymond chipping in 1-2 and Paschall 2-3. Not counting on this to be the norm at all but even if it’s mostly more of the same, there will be nights like this and it’ll feel like the Warriors steamroller of old. Draymond with a very Draymond 5/5/5 night (in 21 mins).

Speaking way too early, but I wonder if one of the reasons the Warriors pulled the trigger on Oubre was to get his Bird Rights and have the option of paying a king’s ransom to keep him next year.