NBA game night 2/25

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Let’s Go Lakers!

Zanos is coming



I hope the 10PM start doesnt throw off our boys

Raptors/Bucks game is gonna be a movie


Is Robin Lopez going to hit 3s in the playoffs? Not a bad stroke actually :joy:

That’s brook with a wig on :sweat_smile:


Raptors are hacking like crazy

Steven Adams Gonna Feast on These Bulls.

Bruh it’s Giannis. What u expect lol

Not just on Giannis though. Donte got whacked the play before that too.

You have Adams on fantasy? :joy:

Adams would be a nice fit for the dubs

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Hahaha yeah i traded for him got him after the allstar break.

He is a changed man. Great Performances. :sweat_smile:

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Brook has some ugly slow post moves irl but he makes some :joy::joy:

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Matt Thomas ?

Never heard of him :face_with_monocle:

Too gallo fucking flaming rnnn

He was on Lakers summer league winning team.

Boi can SHOOT.

He’ll make their record perfectly balanced as everything should be.

Or at least try to

Bruh learn his name. He is a Killer 3 ball shooter he had 5 3s vs the Pacers in 15 minutes lol