NBA Game Night 2/11

NBA Game Night 2/11

Sixers holding off the Clippers in the 4th . . . Ben is playing great.

I’m too busy watching Zion dunk all over Portland and making Melo look like a Kidd in the paint.


Hello there, don’t mind me.
I’m here for my obligatory f Bryn Forbes and Pop post.

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Zion is a Bad Boy.


Yeah he is. He’s pure energy and a different type of player than anyone is really used to seeing.

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Sixers up 8 with 3:20 to go, Ben on the verge of a triple double.

These wins are the worst thing that can happen to Sixers.
Brett will just keep thinking things are going well.

He plays with confidence and composure, makes you think he has been in the league for a long time lmao

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Morris being an idiot, how unexpected.

He moved Horford to the bench finally. He adjusted!

But if they lost everyone would kill them like when the lost to the Bucks.

Well, I guess it’s a start.

I kinda think Morris would beat Embiid’s ass. Morris looks like he’s got a little Ron Artest in him :zipper_mouth_face:

The offense with Embiid and Horford is still an abomination but it looked a lot better for a lot longer since they barely shared the floor together

I have no idea why Horford starts, it makes no damn sense.

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Nice adjustment tonight for the Sixers. Clippers laying an egg. They better start playing PG and Kawhi together consistently after the All-Star Break. Chemistry doesn’t come out of thin air.

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Yeah, they shouldn’t share the floor for long.
But when they do, Simmons should be sitting.

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That Shmoney

Ben is playing really tough D on Kawhi.

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Embiid just KILLED Morris. Triple double for Ben

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