NBA Game Night 12/3/18. Monster Game On Tap


Both of the number 1 seeds in each conference duke it out. Denver (5 game win streak) vs Toronto (8 game win streak) are 2 of the best and hottest teams in the league right now. Been looking forward to this matchup for a while. Can’t wait.

The rest of the slate

Thunder vs Pistons
Interesting game. Pistons are playing great and OKC is inconsistent

Warriors vs Hawks
Dubs need this easy win to get things back on track

Cavs vs Nets

Wizards vs Knicks

Rockets vs Timberwolves
Both teams need this win bad imo

Clippers vs Pelicans
This should be a good one

P.s. I got 40k mt (PS4) on my boys over Toronto if anyone wants to wager. Preferably someone I’m familiar with on here. Trust me it’s not that I’m super confident, I just want to make the game more exciting


I will take toronto to win for 10k mt (ps4)

Tor -6.5 favorites

Yup. My head saying Toronto will cover, my heart saying Nuggs with the upset

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What’s your thoughts on that line

I got you

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Id assume that the nuggets will be the publicly bet team in this game because thats a lot of points for a team that most perceive as one of the best in the league.

If thats the case Id probably take Toronto -6.5

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Are you in that group or are you not sold on them yet? I remember our preseason discussion in another thread

Yeah I mean I think theyre very good. I dont think they are on the level that the Warriors or Raptors are on but I think they have a pretty good chance to make the western finals because theres a lot of good teams but no great teams in the west (other than GSW).

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I dig it

At home and with a significantly deeper team / better bench (which really matters in the regular season) I just think Toronto is better by a good margin. They also match up well, but then again toronto matches up well with everyone.

The other team Id take over the nuggets is the Celtics ( and possibly the sixers) but thats more a reflection of what they will be by the end of the season as opposed to what they are now.

Celtics vs Nuggs would be my dream finals because I just love how both of those teams play. The Nuggets bench is one of the best in the league as well though don’t sleep on them. Monte Morris, and Mason Plumlee in particular have shouldered alot of weight. Malik Beasley and Trey Lyles are solid in their smaller roles. And when Will Barton gets back that will push Juancho back to the bench to give them even more shooting. I think they have the 3rd best bench in the league right now in net rating. Still trying to figure out how IT fits when he comes back. If he plays like he’s capable of because he’s out to price something, adds a whole new dynamic

Half those players would not play come playoff time as teams dont dig deep and use smaller rotations compared to regular season.

I wouldnt be holding my breath for IT or MPJ. IT especially.

Playoffs I expect our bench rotation to look like:

IT if healthy. Supposed to return this month
Monte (currently setting all time NBA records for assist/TO ratio for any player)

That would be my guess as I don’t think MPJ suits up until next year

Ok deal

Whats current strength of Nuggets in regular season: many players performing well, big rotation, is whats most likely going to be their weakness in playoffs: no bonafide superstar, many good players, little star power.

Actually most of their best players aren’t performing well. Jokic, Murray, and Harris are all having down seasons so far (especially shooting) when compared to their career averages. The reason why they’re winning games despite that is that their defense has legit turned elite with Millsap back out there quarterbacking it and getting everyone to buy in. They’re top 3 in overall defense, and number 1 in 3pt defense. They are also the only team in the league to hold 10 opponents under 100. Those aren’t empty defensive stats, those are numbers that tell you it’s for real. Once those 3 players start playing back to normal, they’re gonna be scary. Scarier than they already are

I think you need to drop that mindset of: everyones trying to shit on Nuggets and im here to prove yall wrong. It ain’t it. They’re good team, no doubt about that. But they’re 22 games in to the season. If they advance far in playoffs, cool, i wouldint be too surprised. But i wouldint be too surprised if they get eliminated in second round as West is deep AF and they arent really battle tested.

I don’t think you or anyone is trying to shit on them. I’m simply providing you with information that I don’t think you were aware of because I know most people don’t care about them to know those kinds of stats. In all honesty I wouldn’t be that shocked if they got kicked from the first round of the playoffs. Alot of inexperience on the second youngest team in the NBA could spell disaster depending on the matchup.