NBA Game Discussion

What games are y’all watching now that the Pistons/76ers game is done

I’ll give you one guess

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Not the nuggets lol

I wasn’t speaking for anyone else. I’m definitely watching my Nuggets go 4-0

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They’re dominating the King’s anyway boring game but it’s good they’re playing well

I keep thinking that I know what Gary Harris’ ceiling is. Then he keeps raising it every season

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True I saw him play last year and he seems to keep improving

Leading the league in +/- averaging an uber efficient 22 points and playing lockdown defense

Yah, I wonder how far he goes in terms of talent

Put the nuggets game on as well. Jokic looking a little tired out there tonight, but it hardly matters against the lifeless Kings

Harris is so good. Love his game

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They should honestly sit him down can’t have him tired out with Barton being gone

This is his 5th year and every season he has come back with more added to his game. Blows my mind

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He has Allstar potential. Hard to make it with the big names in the west but the production is definitely there

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Aside from Fox who I’ve been very high on since he was drafted (I predicted he’d be better than Lonzo going into the draft) the kings are awful. What does that say about OKC lol

They were playing alright w/o Westbrook lol

Defs. He’s scratching at the surface of being labelled as underrated.

Nuggs gonna break their streak of keeping opponents under 100 tonight

4-0 :sunglasses: