NBA Game Discussion 10-29-2018

7:00 PM EST: Atlanta ( 11 ) at Philadelphia ( -11 ) —- T: 229

7:00 PM EST: Portland ( 3.5 ) at Indiana ( -3.5 ) —- T: 219.5

7:30 PM EST: Sacramento ( 8 ) at Miami ( -8 ) —- T: 227

7:30 PM EST: Brooklyn ( 2 ) at New York ( -2 ) —- T: 217.5

8:00 PM EST: LA Lakers ( 1 ) at Minnesota ( -1 ) —- T: 239

8:00 PM EST: Toronto ( -2.5 ) at Milwaukee ( 2.5 ) —- T: 222

8:00 PM EST: Golden State ( -11 ) at Chicago ( 11 ) —- T: 230.5

8:30 PM EST: Dallas ( 6.5 ) at San Antonio ( -6.5 ) —- T: 216

9:00 PM EST: New Orleans ( 8 ) at Denver ( -8 ) —- T: 233


toronto vs milwauke… fuckkkkk yessssss

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Although i think they might hold out giannis. he said he legit blacked out from getting hit in the head lol

Why are Nuggs favored by 8? Is AD out again?

I’d be hammering the warriors side. Can’t see them winning by less >40% of the time

Is pacers a lock to win at home? might take them money line.

listed as questionable but the general consensus is that he will be out

Don’t get into betting, it can ruin your life.

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Dame has been playing out of his mind so far. tread lightly

This isn’t a betting thread. Yubuu puts together the betting thread on most weekdays. I post the lines because they help add context to each game.


Ahh that makes sense. I was gonna say that game should be a pick em if he plays

I’m here to say that if OKC can get that kind of production from Noel on a consistent basis and get roberson back + maybe a few shooters at the trade deadline (Korver), they could be a real threat in a seven game series.

A lot of if’s, but they don’t seem that unlikely

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heres the thing with Noel: His stats look nice but the eye test is ridiculously bad. Zach lowe wrote about it last week and it was interesting. He hunts for blocks like no other and it ends up leading to terrible mistakes

yes… BUT I was at the Univ of Florida when Billy D was still coaching there. He is an amazing developer of big men, one of the best I have seen tbh. Noel was unplayable last year and through 6 games this year already looks to be in way better form. Billy catches a lot of heat on not being a great coach and I understand the criticism but you cannot deny his pedigree of getting the most out of his bigs.

Edit: Just to be balanced, Billy calls the most infuriating inbounds plays in end of game scenarios. If I were the GM of OKC I would give end of game play calling duties to an assistant lol

I will give him the Benefit of the doubt considering he has to coach the most uncoachable player in westbrook

damnnnnn Kawhi is out vs MIL tonight RIP.

Gotta edit the pic on the main post now

damn that sucks

Bruh Giannis out too. Raptors vs Bucks no longer interests me

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Lakers vs. Timberwolves

I wonder how Luke is going to insert Ingram into the lineup.

I’m expecting another beta no show performance for KAT tonight. Javale will be his daddy