NBA Game Day Thread (4-20-2019)

no gameday thread so far?

that brooklyn philly match was super entertaining

Allen = charmin ultra soft

Smart decision from Malone to start Craig, he’s the only one who can defend Demar.
Must win game for both teams.

Good start by my spurs. But remember game 2, we can’t choke today

As long as we don’t falter when Nuggets go on their runs, we’re okay

Forbes is a legit shooter.
Beautiful form and even when he misses, it just rims out.

You mean as long as there’s no Mills-Bellineli lineups.


True story

Denver lol…

OMG pop face :joy::joy:

Whoever is commentating with Doris Burke is trying to say that foul should’ve been a flagrant? That’s the reason why the league is so soft now. Protect the players, yes; but that was clearly a common foul. Good call by the refs.

He tried to keep Harden up but Harden either slipped or flopped

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I’ve been there. Being held in a position where you’re not trying to go, so you fall and bring the guy with you. Nothing flagrant or intentional there.

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That was a very solid play (to quote the starters )for the corner 3 from Korver. Great ball movement

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Just win baby :smile: