NBA game day 18/01

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My warriors beat the Lakers damn

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Yessir Spurs looking dangerous🙏🏽

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Blazers defense also looking v dangerous haha

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Where you guys at?

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That was the game thread.

No that’s a Harden + KD thread from a game 2 days ago lol

What’s up?

The sky is falling.

I thought I’d ask you how did the Lakers do last night?

Horrible :joy: too many turnovers, bad defense. Harrell played well imo I’m not sweating reg season tho. It’s not like we’ve been playing like this all season

Just one regular season game but love that the Warriors got it done despite Steph shooting poorly and not having anyone come up big but the team playing D.

Especially after being down by 20 in the first and being behind for almost the entire game. And with Steph getting the decisive points in the Stephiest of fashions.

Rough game for the rook. But this all gives me some real hope for next season.



The nets are so good

I was asleep as well

I was so tired last night so I went asleep early and didn’t wake up for awhile

lmao went on twitter to see lakers fans angry but was reminded how annoying warriors fans are

It’s the accounts that have random pictures that talk the most shit that kills me every time. Which this is just in general. I hate the animosity the internet gives people at times cause guys wouldn’t say half of it without it.

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hopefully miami can get back on track tonight…we ain’t looking anything like our last season form lol

Mavericks make the most sense. Helps cover their defensive struggles a little. Lonzo is a non-factor at the half court. Clippers need a playmaker but Lonzo isn’t at all. Doesn’t earn the defense’s respect since he can’t create any type of space with mediocre handles and finishes poorly. Must be hard seeing all your top draft mates get fucking bags while you might not even make above 10 mill a year